Logan and I love doing fun things.This week we have tried to squeeze in as much exploring and creativity between work and nursery. Below are a few of our weeks joys together: 

1. Pokemon hunting… Who would have thought a two year old would find it so amusing to throw balls at little creatures. We have gone out with my mum, sister, brother and dad walking miles. Sad as it is, we really got to appreciate our surroundings all from a game. We have seen lots of people at pokestops who also got inspired by the game to get out of the house and get some fresh air. My dad is the laziest man I know and the game has brought out a different side to him, thanks Pokemon 🙂



2. We saw friends. His best friend Delilah came over to have tea with him and unravelled all the toilet roll. this gave us five minutes peace so who can complain.  They have the funniest relationship, does anyone else’s monsters love each other one minute then refuses to share toys or interact the next? unless it’s to abuse one another. image

3. Cake and milkshake… Rain makes days out rather limited, so we spontaneously after being fed up of being in, went over the road to find our favourite cake in a place called Smugglers dinner. This cake tastes like a snickers bar but better! If anyone is a sucker for good cakes like me, The smugglers den can help you out.  Whilst we where there we couldn’t resist a milk shake after seeing a waitress take one to another customer. Even now while writing this I need cake.. 8:00 am starter before breakfast? (no child was harmed in this cake experience, he doesn’t get cake everyday and eats lots  of fruit and veg) 🙂

4. Shopping… Right after our cake we walked around Penzance town. I got some awesome washi tape from The Works and Logan choose these two tsumtsum teddies ‘mabs’ and ‘mimi’ from WHSMITH. After researching the teddies online you can get them in almost any Disney character, Definitely a collection worth starting. £2:99 per teddy, not a bad price at all for a teeny tiny teddy. image

5. Olaf glitter set… We got a Olaf glitter set from the works months ago and used this rubbish weather as a perfect opportunity for inside creativity. Although Logan has yet to master the concept of staying on the paper. I’m glad I put a blanket under him unlike last time, today was a “mummy my trousers are yuk, I’m not putting them on”kind of day right after ripping his nappy of for the third time.  image


I wonder what next week brings. Hopefully some sunshine so we can do some outside exploring.