What a week it has been for us, messy house and early nights after long working hours and days full of going here, there and everywhere. Who else is recovering from a none stop week? Here are just a few fun things we got up to:

1. A day at nanny’s, we got a rabbit a few weeks ago called Bonnie. Sadly our landlord doesn’t want us having a rabbit at the minute (sad face) but with hope for the future and our hearts already being set on her, we have sneaked her into my mums garden. Logan loves Bonnie so much, he is such a gentle soul, especially when it comes to little people/animals. Good practise for a future sibling … future… two years if all goes to plan in our lives.


2. Penzance event and one it was. Penzance had the privilege of the Man Engine making an appearance, the 10 metre giant “when operated” was worth fighting through the packed out crowd. After making his way all around Cornwall to celebrate ten years of world heritage. Through the the day there was a (mine cart) soapbox Derby, town trails, music, street food, free family fun and festivities that started from 10am. There was also people dressed up as miners and maids. Logan was so fascinated with the whole day and the events going on. The first picture I do not own, my camra skills are not that amazing! I wanted one with more detail to really appreciate the artwork, time and effort the creators went into making It.



3. Cooking, we had oodles of fun this week being cooking pros’ okay maybe we made cupcakes from a box, but to us that’s a big jump from our lousy burning food ways. We wanted to cook cupcakes and found this fun super hero set, we have also made amazing meals all week, one Worthy of its own post here  We need to think of fun things to make next week, anyone got any fun suggestions?


4. Our flowers! Big smiles they have all now finally grown, sadly at our old house. Seeing as it was at Logan’s other nanny’s ‘robs mum’, we still get to enjoy them on visits. We really need need to sort our courtyard out to get our green fingers on.


5. Me being a bad mum, I got a cake and tea while Logam was at nursery… without him. How dare I 🙈, it was worth the trek to sainsburys cafe thou. I might of had a sneaky shop around in the kids TU clothing. Even when I’m without Logan I think of him- who doesn’t love new clothes?  ❤️


Hope everyone’s had a lovely week and one to come, so much planned for next week already! So excuse me while I sleep for a few days in preparation. I wish, 8am shift at work tomorrow… My next day off is Wednesday, but it won’t stop me from squeezing in some fun with my monkey 🎉