I wrote this last night, I was one tired busy bee and fell asleep…

We have been so lucky this week! We have had so much fun and have seen all our favourite people. Plus we,ve been to loads of fun places (involving food, for us food lovers) YUM! We also got one of our rare family days out, as either Rob or myself are usually working. Without babbling on here’s our weeks amazing fun.

  1. Ice creeeam! Okay looking back at our week we had way too much icecream, but it was worth it. First my mum took my nephew and Logan to a local place called W*llywallers Ice Cream Factory Penzance. The place has so much to choose from – I went for waffles… which included two scoops of icecream, Strawberries, sauce, a flake and a fudge stick, all for £4.95, bargain! Then we had friends over, what better to do than buy the best icecream we could find. We shared the icecream love and the kids shared it with my carpet, thanks guys. Lastly our third lot of icecream, Rob surprised me with some when I came out of a store while shopping today, he knows the way to my heart. ❤
  2. Tsum Tsum teddy shopping.  Logan has been spoilt this week by my mum and myself with four new teddies to his collection. Logan also got two of the rubber figures, I reckon by christmas he will have a beautiful stash of them dotted around the house. So when I came across a whole sticker book off them I had to buy it and put it away for christmas! Yes christmas, Getting paid monthly means 4 pays from work until my faviourite time of the year. Like Tsum Tsum teddies? then check out my Pretty item of the day: Tsum Tsum teddies
  3. Delilah, Logans best friend! We have seen her so much this week and her mummy my best friend. Friday Logan was at nursery and I got the privilege to watch her while her mummy worked. When we had also seen her on Thursday for the whole day. The day included a picnic in the park, Disney films at mine and a very yummy dinner.
  4. My sister came over to melt chocolate. She dipped a fun selection of things in the chocolate for her friends baby shower/ Hen Party- she used my kitchen so it was only fair I tested the goods.image
  5. Strawberry picking – we finally had a family day outing, all planned by Rob! I had work first thing and when Rob came to pick me up, he said we are of for some fun and wouldn’t tell me where. Logan Loved the place we went to, which was Trevaskis Farm. It had animlas there too (pigs, donkeys and chickens)! Once we had our fill (punet and bellies) we got some goodies at their organic store.  Raw chocolate is a must buy – I’ll make a blog about the benifits of it this week, plus the different flavours you can get.