These are my top three favourite ice cream shops at the minute, Located in cornwall

  • Jelberts, aw so simple yet amazing. I have never been one to go for plain vanilla icecream, Jelberts amazed me. I went in all imagesnobby thinking ‘you will not satisfie my need for icecream’ I was wrong! The home made ingredient is so creamy and satifying! You know what the say don’t judge a book by its cover. Heading towards newlyn? Have a taste you will not be disappointed.





  • w*llywonka, I have walked past this shop everyday nearly for the last year, along the entrance of wharfside shopping centre in Penzance. So finally last weimageek week my mum wanted to get Logan and my nephew an icecream, would of been rude of me, to not to of had something. I had a Waffles, what a waffle load it was! Two scoops of icecream, two waffles, strawberries, the sauce of your choice, a flake and a fudge stick . All for Ā£4.95 after two toddlers stealing all my strawberries I had to go to work on a very stuffed belly







  • Last but not least my favourite for last. Mr B’S icecream shop which has two stores location in hayle down the road from each other. I hear they are selling! Whoever buys it please, please, please still sell bubble gumimageIcecream. bubble gum icecream is my all time favourite, and the closest place (that I’m aware of) that sells it. There’s 200 flavours to choose from, you might find yourself like when as a kid growing up, trying to decide what sweets to go for in your local store for an hour, but worse.





Anyone know of any icream shops ready for me to discover? or should I say my belly to discover.