This week has been a rollacoaster of a week, I was thinking today ‘great we haven’t done anything fun this week! So I will have nothing for my this weeks fun post’. Luckily as I’m sat here going through my pictures, we may not of been creative but we have made fun with what time we have had aside from working. Bellow are the few but cute moments of our week that I’ve appreciated.(of course food is involved)


  • Olaf bubble foam! Did I have more fun than Logan did with this stuff you ask? Yes, I think I did. We made (Olaf) snowman and Logan became a shrivelled up shrimp, we forgot that bath time does have to end at some point. I might of went abit over the top and covered him in the Olaf bubble foam, starting with trying to cover his(Wilber, in our words) for a picture.


  • Food aw glorious food, the way to my heart and into my belly it went. We tend to get take out once a week when Logan goes to bed, he gets his fair share of treats in the week. Dominos is right down the road from us, aw wait so is four chines restaurants, a subway and two Indian restaurants… Not including all the eat in places! Living in a town has its perks.image


  • Cars, before I started work the other day we spent a few hours building tracks and crashing into things. We made good use of objects to hold up our ramp, Logan wasn’t impressed when the ramp would cave in. image


  • Flowers, I might be feeling bumbed out this week in so many ways but Rob for sure knows how to make me smile. He might (defiantly) be a keeper, we have so much exciting things planned for this year… I have the best two boys a girl could ask for. Bellow is my favourite picture of us all.


  • Lunch with my mum, my best friend! Since having Logan I bearly go a day without speaking to her, she’s pretty incredible. No matter what she is there for me, it’s without a doubt I haven’t been the best daughter in life, but she never holds onto the past or makes me feel like I’m not the best. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing, I hope I can be half the mother she is and Love Logan through flaws and encourage his strengths. I’m sure my mum never dreamed I would walk in at age 19 with the words ‘I’m pregnant mum!’ Since that day she has showered me with love, helped me and even went through my labour with me. The best day of my life with an amazing women to help me through every second. If you have a good mum let her know how good she is ❤️ … Hopefully one day she will share the Labour experience with me again, that’s if last time didn’t put her off!image

This week has defiantly been appreciation week! Unconditional love, amazing food and cute moments with Logan. Roll on the 29th! My birthday and a whole week off with Logan.