It’s only a few hours till my birthdaaaay! have I already mentioned that? maybe only like 100 times this week. Can you tell that I’m excited!? Excuse me while I head out tonight and party! Tomorrow please be kind to a hungover birthday girl, I’m wondering… Will a week off work be long enough to recover?

This week has had tones of cute moments; cute moments with Logan, drinks with my girl and baby sitting a scrummy baby.

  • Bubble painting, one morning this week we woke up ready for some fun, before I slouched off to work. Still geared up in our pjs, we mixed together some paint and washing up liquid, we made tones of mess and loved every minute of it. Mummy and logy time always puts a smile on my face. ❤️
  • Dressing up, Aw Logan you sweet faced cutie! Just look at him in his pirate costume. Logans playgroup had a fun dress up day on Friday, I was tempted to see if I could dress up.(I’m defiantly going to be one of those embarrassing mums)
  • snapchat, my guilty pleasure(other than shopping) is taking waaaay to many photos. I love to cherish every moment, one day I’ll be a little old lady looking back at all my cherished moments. Logan you make one cute bumble bee.
  • my girl, work you have ruined my daily meet up natters. While on maternity I saw my friend ebony everyday, I’m lucky if I get to see her once a week now. My heart couldn’t take a day longer, so one day this week I grabbed the Malibu and ventured down to hers. I also get to see her tonight, twice in one week! I’m spoilt.


  • Baby sitting, broody… Ovaries aching… Heart melting! I had the privilege to babysit one little sweetheart last night, he was such a good boy. Rob texted me this ‘I miss you’ – followed by another text- ‘ you better not be getting broody!’ I replied ‘I’m not, don’t worry’ while kissing the baby for the 100th time.




Anyone else had a week full of cuteness?