Now being 22 I have things I would love to achieve within the next 12 months. If you told me four years ago I would have already achieved a Toddle, an amazing boyfriend, a home and working in care I wouldn’t have believed you. Looking around I feel quite bless with the life I have built, going from a crazy teenager to a family oriented mummsy kinda girl. bellow is ten of my  Goals and wishes, for the next 12 months.

  • First for best! I would love to be engaged. It was only the other day I caught my not so sneaky boyfriend looking at rings online, you know the song Beyonce sings ‘if you like her you should put a ring on it’ take note Rob.
  • This one is a maybe… baby… yes, a maybe baby. we maybe want one now, we maybe can’t afford one. When is the right time to have a baby? I think there is never a right time and our hearts ache to add to our family. When Logan turns 3 in may, we will be better off… The £300 a month less on nursery fees might help!
  • Holiday, we as a family have never been away together. My biggest goal this year is to go away, a small little get away would be perfect.
  • Keeping up with my blogging… You might think well duh you are doing it now. sadly I have always started new hobbies and dropped them. My attention spam is ridiculous and I also have that thing called ‘Lazyitous’ you heard of it?
  • Have the best ‘first’ on our own christmas. We can finally decorate our own house, buy a big fat tree and cover it with the decorations we have from last year; when stealing Robs mums tree glory (she didn’t mind… that I’m aware off). I am way to excited to blast christmas tunes, through into our neighbours walls.
  • Sort our back courtyard out, the poor neglected area of our house. I really need to buy some cute seating and bring my flowers over from Robs mums.
  • Draw more, I have already started to achieve this one. Sadly between work, a bubbly toddle and now blogging, I rarely have time to do a lot for myself. Does someone want to add more hours to the day?


  • stop being a clean freak, me clean ey? since living in this house all I do is stress over things Rob and Logan leave lying around, endless washing and cleaning my kitchen top to bottom each day. I do have a lot of people over and I feel embarrassed if my home is messy. Guests do not need to see last nights dishes or Robs smelly socks lying on the floor. Logan also doesn’t need the fear off making mess, the fun in a toddlers life is mess isn’t it? Just so they can drive their mama crazy.


  • shop less, maybe I should go by ‘you can look but can’t touch’. It’s so hard to shop less with all the pretty things around.
  • Make more of an effort to go to our local soft play area, just today we went up there and remembered how fun it is. Logan loves it up there! I must write a post about it seeing as it’s a fabulous location in Cornwall, plus perfect for a toddler and mum day out.

Who else has a wish list or goals list?