Today I have had some lovely family TLC time, my not so little sister turned 21, two days ago. At 21 she is still the baby of the family, plus my best friend. I could write a mile long list on all the things she has done/does for me. With it being my sister’s birthday, we planned a fun shopping trip in Truro today, I am basically ready for bed and my purse is very light.

Firstly my mum, sister, Logan and myself needed to fill our bellies. We love the Hubbox! Great costumer service, lovely enviroment and not to mention the amazing food. We sat stuffed for a good half hour after we finished eating, my size ten jeans needed an upgrade with my food belly.

The one thing I hate about shopping is eating first, my mum desperately needed food so my excitement for shopping had to wait. Anyone else just love getting on with their shopping addiction? Truro has so many amazing shops, I found so many stores that sold Disney Tsum Tsum teddies. My mum and I might of been very naughty and got Logan 10 Disney Ttsum Tsum teddies, this week alone to put away for Xmas. I also got a few fun bits that I will share next week on my items of the day posts. I was on a cute shop buying mission and found some great things.


While Logan and I got very spoilet today, Rob was working and unable to join in on our fun. What’s a girlfriend to do other than buy him the new Captain America film, after watching it at the cinema it is most welcome on our DVD shelf.


I am so excited for Xmas shopping in Truro, Plymouth and Exeter this year. I love blogging because I feel like it has made me notice the little things around, to really keep my eye out for pretty things. Does anyone else feel like blogging has opened a whole new sense to things for them?

Top tip: While I have been walking around Penzance/Truro I have gone beyond the basic shops. I have pushed myself to venture into hidden shops (they are always just off from the towns) I have found stuff that I would never see in my usual loved shops. Try venturing into shops you wouldnt normally, you might find something worth buying.