This week we received our Graze box #3 ✨ and in our fun box we received a Cherry and chocolate protein yogurt topper. Here is what we did with our yummy snack:


  • Yogurt of your choice.  (I used 3/4 of the tub below)
  • mixed fruit/ nuts/ cereal of your choice. (about three hands full)

Need: ice-cube tray.


  • Firstly pour your chosen yogurt into a bowl.


  • Then pour your chosen fruit/nuts/ cereal onto your yogurt and mix.
  • Once it’s all mixed up well, simply fill your ice-cube tray and freeze; I left mine in the freezer over night.


You can add anything that your heart desires! I find these a perfect little healthy snack, Logan agrees ‘I like these mummy’ he said while finishing off his and tucking into mine. Only keep them in your freezer for a week, then throw them away… that’s if your belly hasn’t eaten them all by then.