Wow, this week has been such a spontaneous week! Almost everything we have done has been last minute decisions and fun ones at that. We have blasted through the house hold chores and venture out; a local event, shopping and as per time with my incredible family.

  • Breakfast with my favourite lady, my mum. I don’t go a few days without bugging her for attention. On Monday before she had Logan so I could work (you gem) she treated me to breakfast and got Logan a pirate ship (to put away for christmas). I also got Logan a light up Tsum Tsum teddy, if you are a fellow reader you might have guessed that, I might have a slight Tsum Tsum obsession. If you love Tsum Tsum teddies check out these lovely must haves Here.


2. Truro shopping girly time, my sister turned 21 this week… 21! Ah how better to celebrate than some TLC in Truro with us (mum, Logan and myself). We had so much fun I even blogged about it Here, I also got Logan more Tsum Tsum teddies… Yes I’m definitely obsessed. Happy birthday Charlotte… I’ll make you read this later, I love you ❤

  • Water colours, my long loved artistic side is starting to venture out again. For many years I have shut my heart to the things that I love. I am starting to fall in love with doing art and writing all over again. I may have heaps of practising to do, the below picture is the efforts of a girl who couldn’t find the passion to pick up a paint brush/pencil for five years.
  • Local pub event, Robs mum walked Logan to school with me on friday as she lives next to it. Logan loves popping in to see her prior to nursery or after. She mentioned the local pub was having a dog show; including a bouncy castle, face-painting and stalls the following day. On arrival Logan fell over and spent a good half hour devastated with his poorly grazed hand, but once he recovered he had lots of fun. The face-painting was his favourite (I think) and he loved seeing his other cousin he hardly gets to see; How cute is my batman.
  • Rugby, after Logan recovered from his cut hand and wore himself out at the dog show, we went to go watch Rob play rugby. Rob played so well, Logan should have lost his voice with all the cheering and screaming he did. I would like to say like Last week he slept like a dream from the adventurous day, but he didn’t apparently. Keep reading there’s more…


My mum suffered Logan’s 11pm bed time and the middle off the night wake up tears, she popped over mine with my nephew after the rugby game and with them both begging her for a sleepover at hers, she toddlernapped Logan. So what’s a girl to do? Rob was out getting messy and my sister was going out for her birthday, join them you say? I did. With work first thing in the morning I only had a couple and went home at twelve, it was nice to dress up and have a rare picture of Rob and I in a club.

Next week I am working most days (boo) my wages count each month for the month behind, with my Maskedball ticket purchased I’ll need extra pennies to ball with. Hope you all have a fun week, go out and be spontaneous, they make for the best days. ❤