Work, work go away so Logan and I can go out to play! This week I have been over working, to make my pay decent for christmas and have hardly seen Logan. Luckily for us we made fun with what time we have had together, a messy nap time, playing with play doh and Logan having heaps of fun/spoilt time with family members. Here’s our weeks fun moments.

  • Forever a mummy’s boy and my adventure buddy, this week Logan and I went for a walk around town. We popped into Poundland, Logan was obsessed with all the Halloween masks. Logan just had to try each mask on and with Halloween only around the corner (My favourite occasion) I asked Logan ‘what do you want to dress up as for Halloween?’ his reply began with a loud ‘RAWR’ – ‘ A monster mama’ Here’s a picture scare worthy, plus a little throw back of his last two Halloween looks.


  • Thanks Logan! Clean bedding on, us in it all snuggled up; I figured a power nap before work would have been refreshing… Nope, I turned to take a dreamy picture of Logan asleep, he wasn’t asleep. Logan’s quietness deceived me, there my chuffed sneaky chocolate covered Logan smiled at me. A power nap would have been nice but got replaced with bathing Logan and asking him where did he even get chocolate from ‘Here mummy’ he said while taken me to my hidden chocolate collection; He’s way to smart.


  • Robs family are so good, Robs mum kindly has Logan often for sleepovers/days out quality time. This week she took Logan to get new shoes, courtesy of Robs great-aunt; she is for sure a ‘great’ aunt. Logan picked his shoes and loves them, he was still angry at me this morning for not letting him wear them to bed.



  • Once again my sister came over with fun things for Logan, she loves him so much and I see her being a ‘great’ aunt in his eyes growing up. Logan was on facetime to her yesterday saying ‘I miss you charchar’ after today he has seen her four days in a row, lucky boy! They also went to the park as well this week with my mum, aw boy how I wish I could have joined them.


  • Four years ago to this week I fell in love with my first boy in my life, my Nephew. How has it been four years? Why do kids grow so fast!!!!! I remember going to the hospital him being hours old, looking into his sweet face and dreaming of the day I got to do the same with my own boy; look at me now ‘dreams do come true’. Logan and Mason always open presents together, my mum always gets the other one a lil something to not feel left out. I am so sad right now today is his birthday party and I am working, I made up for it yesterday and had everyone over for a mini party. Rob’s taking Logan to his party today, I hope they have fun ‘I’m slightly jealous’. What do you do when you forget to get candles? Dig out your 22 birthday ones and improvise… 2 + 2 … happy 4th birthday you beaut ❤


Next week is again full of work days, nothing will stop us from making time of the moments we get together. Hope everyone has a fabulous week and not to many work hours spoiling their fun.