The breeze, that air smell and comfort food is always so cherished in Autumn. Thou I may sometimes be stuck in the rain, I have a hot shower and fresh clothes waiting for me at home. I am lucky enough to be wearing a comfy coat, while that sweet Autumn smell fills the cold air around me. I have a bigger appetite in the colder days, I have all the ingredients I need, to cook a hot soothing meal ‘comfort food’. So Autumn while I lay in my bed and in the arms of my loved one, please be kind to the ones who don’t have a home, who’s cooked meal isn’t hot. I find during this time of the year I fully appreciate what and who I have around me. Here’s my favourite things about my life in Autumn.

  • Food, okay food is an all year round love for me. I would say though, with days getting colder, activities limited, going into a restaurant for a hot meal is more frequent on rainy days; Especially if caught in the rain and in need of shelter. I don’t know why but Autumn you warm my belly the best and fill my comfort food need.



  • Family and friends time, I guess this goes for each season. Though during the Autumn I love going to my friend’s house, sticking a Disney film on and just chilling. We also try and bake more with the kids. I’m excited, this year we are going to get our hands messy with craft projects. I am planning on doing a post of things to do at home with the kids, there’s so much fun to get involved with.



  • Baking, Why is baking more fun in Autumn? I think the above two answers that one. Belly filling and fun for all, plus you can get away with those extra pounds with all that baggy jumper wearing.



  • Play areas, we love a day out to a play area in the Autumn. Last year we had so much fun visiting all the different ones around Cornwall. During the summer to enter one is deadly, the heat plus the overload of people on holiday is no fun.
  • Splashing in muddy puddles! I mentioned the excitement to do this a few weeks ago. Logan has to splash in each puddle we walk past, luckily for him we may be greeted with them daily.


  • Halloween, aw boy… my favourite occasion. Plus greeted with my yearly curse. Each year between September and November something eventful happens to me; so why do I love Halloween? Because I learn from it or come out stronger, things only effect us if we let them. Did I drop a mirror one year around now? So far I’ve had things happen for five years. This year I plan on throwing a tea party for the kids and decorating our house with crafts we make. A few days before Halloween I’m going to the Masked ball, the best Halloween party in the UK.


  • Leading off from Halloween… Pumpkins, I still do not trust Logan with a knife but he will be great help scooping the insides out. I might try to make a pumpkin pie this year, or maybe buy one and see if I even like the taste first.


  • Firework night, Ah I am so good! I’ve booked all these fun events off at work. We love gathering as a family and all heading down to our local firework display, finished with a pulled pork roll. I never use to like fireworks… I always said I can YouTube them if I wanted to see some, I don’t know what changed because now I love watching them.


  • Hot chocolate, We are all stocked up and ready for those needed evening sweet drinks. Logan had his first one last week and found his new favourite thing. Here’s our hot chocolate’s from two weeks ago, I reapplied cream three times.
  • Woodland walks, as mentioned before I find the air sweeter, I just love that sweet smell and how better to take it in than a lovely walk with the family.


  • Swimming pools, this summer we loved going to the beach. The cold will not stop us swimming, we plan to visit indoor pools again this year. Last year we headed to the Newquay Oasis pool, Logan was to small for the slides; maybe this year he will be able to go on them.


I could sit here for hours reminding myself with all I have to look forward to this Autumn. These are all mostly last years pictures, I love seeing all the things we got up to. Does anyone else get up to anything fun during the colder days? Tonight was the first night I had to put the heating on, Rob made me the best dinner and currently he’sΒ  sat with me looking at all the fun pictures from last year.