I can honestly say this week has been far from fun, I have been one poorly girl! Flu, swollen glands, throat and chest infection and the list goes on. I have glandular fever, I have been unable to eat so my energy levels are rubbish. I have not blogged all week, I slept more hours in the days than I was awake. I won’t waffle on with my self-pity, this week although I have felt pants I have so much to be thankful for. Poor Logan would have been house bound as well if our amazing family didn’t help out, here the few things I am so grateful for during this week.

  • Medicine! I said to Rob the other day no wonder people use to die from the flu, back in the olden days; I am thankful with even with just the pain relief. I am on antibiotics now for my chest and throat infection, my neck glands are puff balls; if I don’t take pain killers I ache so bad. So all in all I am lucky to have the option of easing this nasty bugs.


  • Rob have I said before how amazing he is? Well this week I am one lucky girl. He has had a cold but luckily he had glandular fever when he was 13 ‘you tend to only get it once’ So he has not caught it of me. I am surprised Logan has not caught it but online I read younger children don’t tend to develop it, just carry it ‘google said I could have been misinformed’. Rob has cleaned, cooked and taken days of work to help me. I must add our house is still a pig sty can someone please come clean it? I can still hardly stand for long periods of time.


  • Mums, mine and Robs mum have been so helpful and had Logan on different days this week. I am so Logan deprived, then I was in no state to look after myself let alone him. I am lucky we have such a big family, I really need to buy them flowers to say thankyou when I’m better.


  • I cried the other day from one simple sentence ‘mama, please come out and play’ I felt so sad I couldn’t have fun with my boy, my sister took him out and he was so chuffed to go out on an adventure. All of my family are amazing! Logan has seen everyone. I am happy that today I was feeling well enough to go to a pumpkin patch and tried to eat an amazing roast. Logan had so much fun also seeing animals with his cousin, by this point I crawled back to the car and my mum took them around.


  • soft food, with a throat infection I was unable to eat most things. Soup and noodles have kept me going, maybe… some yummy ice-cream as well. pure orange does not go down well with a throat infection! Aw that burn. Hot chocolate on the other hand you put a smile on my face, plus cream and marshmallows on Logan’s.


So all in all a week wasted sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. I thought on monday ah I can blog while of work sick, nope my eyes could not do bright lights. I hope next week I get some more energy now I’m an underfed stick insect who needs lot’s of cake. I hope no one else gets these dreaded Autumn/winter bugs, I hope I can post some fun things this week I have been dying to type up.