I have said probably 99 times now how much I love Halloween, now I am saying it for the 100th time. What is better than sitting down on a rainy day and filling you soul with some spookyness. Here is a list of my favourite Halloween films and a trailer to each, they are nothing to scary …. (each trailer is below each paragraph)

  • Casper meets wendy: Hilary Duff was my favourite actress growing up, Lizzie McGuire filled my saturday mornings with glee. Last week she shared the cutest picture throwback from being Wendy in the film on Instagram, next to a picture of her now in a matching red hooded cape. she loves snapchat like me! The cape was a filter they had this week. Aw just look how adorable she was in the below trailer of the film, her aunts had pretty cool outfits in the film too.

Hocus Pocus: I put a spell on you and now… you are my favourite Halloween film! I do find the beginning of the film really sad, I also love Sarah Jessica Parker singing. I am so used to seeing her now in my addiction to Sex and the city, she has style that girl in all films. I was always a witch for Halloween growing up, inspired by the classic each year routine of watching. I am going to be a witch this year, where’s my black hat and broom? Or should I use my hoover like Winnie did.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton directs the best films, I love, love, love his quirky mind. Like he must have a unique imagination, Jack and sally even available as toys now and Tsum Tsum toys; here’s the Tsum Tsum nightmare before Christmas collection. I know the title has ‘christmas’ in it but I assure you it’s one for Halloween, even the tune this is Halloween I could listen to on repeat.

Halloween town: Disney addicts, this is one you will have to watch. My sister was just saying the other day ‘do you remember the film we use to watch, Halloween town’? How could I forget, that spooky town use to hunt my sleep. I would not be spooked now watching it but when little the skeleton taxi driver gave me the shivers. They even went and made two more films, which of course I have watched.

Monster house: confusion, I have not watched this one yet. After watching this YouTube trailer I really want to watch it with Logan. Have you watched this film? Is it worth a watch? The leaves swaying around in the trailer pulled my heartstrings, for my Autumn love.

The little vampire: Can I go and live with them in that big house? When the vampire boy takes the little boy flying I always get reminded of peter pan, just don’t look down. That mean man after the vampires is an ass! I do not swear on my blog usually but I’m glad they fought him of. I do hope I never see any red-eyed cows, then are they as scary as the group of vampires?

Corpse bride: Again a Tim Burton film, I told you his films are great. I got Rob to watch this the other night and he wasn’t into it, I need a new boyfriend. The film is very popular, people have even put up together YouTube makeup inspired videos. I once even had ago myself… With the bride look that is, I would fail epically at making a make up tutorial.

Fun size: How can you lose your brother? Aw yeah kids are sneaky,  I think she felt pretty bad. Teenage party inspired films are always funny, I want to watch the film right now after watching the trailer.

Mean girls: Oh Lindsey you sassy mean girl, she started of so innocent. I like the scene where they all wear Santa costumes and dance to jingle bell rock, my dad would have died as well if I danced like that in front of him. The way they all become half decent people at the end is good, nobody likes a mean girl.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: I was so happy when pregnant with Logan, to watch this film that never gets old with my son. I am yet to sit down with him to watch it, when I do I think he will ask me to have it on repeat! We will be doing pumpkin carving this week he will love watching them carve their pumpkins for the boy to say ‘you didn’t tell me you where going to kill it’ then crying, I’m sorry but that part always has me in tears (laughing).

(I do not own these trailer.)

Tomorrow I am uploading my top 10 favourite scary Halloween films, they are aw so scary. I love horror films Rob does not on the other hand, so I have to force him into watching them. Do you have any more films to add-on? If so please do comment below.