I have almost been blogging for three whole months now, and aw boy have I been sucked into my blogging bubble. I am like addicted, I could happily sit here for hours getting lost in my thoughts. Almost three months later and I thought it was about time I formally introduced myself and my little family that gets the pleasure of being included in my obsession.


I am called Dominique, my friends call me Domi. I am 22 and work as a career looking after people with disabilities, I am very passionate about my job. I have been a career for three years now,  I always knew I would have an active job and aw boy is my job active! Who needs gym sessions when you are a career. I have always loved helping others and helping people achieve their goals in life. My friends always ring me up and joke that I should charge for the therapy session after we speak sometimes, mind I am very honest and get very sassy when someone annoys me. I say sassy, some may say I have a hot temper… On the plus where I might have a temper, my temper only stems down from love and frustration. Growing up as I have mentioned before I have always been hands on with things; anything crafty, writing, exploring the outdoors and just having carefree fun. I never thought I would have children though, I loved kids and after my nephew came into the world I hoped my doubts with my body where me just being silly. Looking around now at my perfect two-year old I was being silly, Logan was a dream come true.


Logan is my twin, he has my sassy temper. I can carry on describing Logan now and most will be a repeat from above little things about myself. Logan is way smarter than me though, he has always been so aware with his surroundings ‘nosey’ my boy does not miss a thing and even shocks me with some of the things that comes out of his cheeky mouth. I am so proud with how caring and kind he is towards others, he has such good awareness with other people’s feelings. I think him being so close to my nephew has helped, he is just over a year older than Logan and his cousins caring manner has rubbed of on him. Mind he has also picked up a few naughty traits, those two can get up to some mischief. Logan shares alot of similarity to his dad, I won’t take all the credit. Logan love’s sports like is daddy, you will find them on either a cricket or rugby pitch every saturday depending on the season.

Rob is the best dad a girl could have as the father of her child, they are my dream team. He is always there to guid Logan in life and teach him from the rights and wrongs. They are my naughtys together, I am left to pick up after them both and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so bad cop in our house, nevertheless Logan is a mummy’s boy.


I started Prettythingsblog2016 clueless to the blogging world, I wanted somewhere I could remember my cherished moments; I guess an online diary. Growing up I always wrote in my diary daily and love looking back through them now. I wish I never stopped, these last four years I stopped doing all the things that I loved. I am a big believer that it’s important to do the things that you love, which I am now embracing with writing. I do not dream big, I am happy with those simple moments in my life that I cherish. Here’s some fun facts about me.

  • I love animals, I have a rabbit called Bonnie.
  • I have a small but amazing group of friends.
  • I love sleep, way too much.
  • I am 5,8 and love to add to my height with heals.
  • I have done modeling/catwalk for l’oreal before, which was the worst experience of my life! I spent hours in a chair while they did my hair and they made me wear over sized clothes. They also did not feed me as promised, guess they wanted to stave us models.
  • I am a qualified beautician, I also did hair dressing but quit right before qualifying. I am very good at them both but wanted a full-time job, I don’t think I thought of the fact they both resulted into full-time jobs. I was not confident enough to push myself out there to find someone who would hire me in the hard industry. I needed a job and three years later I still have the great job I dropped it all for.
  • I have a sweet tooth, I would say I am addicted to anything with sugar in it.
  • I am a social bug, which I will add I hate missing out on things.
  • I am currently also doing my NVQ lvl 2 in health and social care.
  • I am also doing my maths and english on the side of my NVQ.
  • I work 24 hours plus a week, all while looking after my son and home.
  • I have a very close and loving family.
  • I live in Cornwall, where I have grown up most of my life.
  • I love Disney as you might tell from my blog, I also love reading books.
  • I am dyslexic, you may have noticed my grammar is not on point. Blogging has slowly helped me learn how to spell some words and even do sentences smaller.

There is just a few facts about me, I could go on forever. Welcome to my blogging bubble I hope you find something pretty and enjoy your visit to my site. Thankyou for reading any of my waffling, please comment your blog; I love reading new blogs and getting lost in others worlds.

All thoughts are my own, any reviewed items I will state reviewed at the end.

Please email me at Dominiquelouisepepper@hotmail.com for any information you would love to share with me.

Dominique x