As promised in my Top 10 (not scary) Halloween films, I have a list (plus trailers) of a few aw so scary films that make my hairs stand up. I love scary films and Halloween is a perfect excuse to fill my house with horror (when Logan is in bed), do you like scary films? If so what films leave your dreams not so sweet? Rob really dislikes anything slightly scary, he would rather watch a romance.

Halloween: This Halloween film series is something I watched four years ago, while hiding from the Halloween celebrations going on at the time. I watched them all and I am so excited to hear they are making another one, did I hear right online? Or am I excited for nothing…

Trick ‘r Treat: Rob said he has not watched this one yet, I have and think he need to watch it. I am reminding myself while watching this trailer that I would need a pillow to hide behind, plus maybe ear plugs.

Scream: Confession… I do not find this film scary, no just jumpy! You get those films that you can sit through feeling creeped out while watching most of it, this film just knew how to BAM! make me jump and slightly scream for everyone to laugh at me. We got the box set a few months ago, Rob could cope with this film.

The craft: Creepy twisted and worth a watch, those witches where sassy. I am a sucker for a film with witches in it, I own every charmed episode. I didn’t end up too scared to walk around my house after this film, but it sure messed with my head.

Beetle juice: Who hasn’t watched this film? I watched this years ago with a friend. I find the costumes creepy/cool, I would hate to live in a haunted house, I wouldn’t stick around long enough to great the creepy trespassers.

The adams family: I know, I know this film isn’t scary as such but it wouldn’t fit on my none scary list; what would the in-between films be classed as? I look like Morticia when I forget to curl my hair and wear red lipstick with my ghostly complexion.

The wrong turn: My favourite horror, I always feel sick after watching one of these films (as there is 6 films… there will be 7 in 2017) monster humans with the ugliest faces, eating humans… I shall say no more those words alone are turning my stomach.

All Hallows’ Eve: No wonder people are scared of clowns with films like these, I could not sleep after watching this film last year. I sure hope Logan does not receive a dvd containing a gory video; I also hope I do not bump into any clowns.

Mischief Night: Why am I reminding myself of these films while watching these trailers?! Note to self: hide, do not answer the door, phone and just stay in bed. This film is damn right twisted, hmm Rob want to watch a fun film I think you might enjoy it…

The Forest: I added a not watched but need to watch film on my none scary Halloween film list, so thought I would add one on this list. My favourite actress at the minute is the lovely Natalie Dormer, I wonder if she did go into the forest after dark… or of the path.

Have you watched any of these films? if so what did you think of them?