Last week I mentioned that I was a little under the weather, I am slowly regaining some energy finally. I have still been limited with going out but that didn’t stop us from having fun at home. I was supposed to go to the masked ball last night, but I did not have the strength to party; I sold my ticket and splurged on some comfort food and new pajamas for Logan. Here is my favourite parts of our week, Hot chocolate, movie nights and lots of Halloween fun.

  • Movie nights, Sainsburys have the best movie offer on at the minute. We keep going in and getting Logan dvds for £3! I must remember to put some away for christmas, before I forget to get some stocking fillers. Rob and I went to the cinema when me before you was out, we had to now buy it on dvd; it is definitely worth a watch.

  • What’s a movie night without junk food and a nice hot chocolate? Rob got this dreamy treat for me from B&M for £3.99; my taste buds where very grateful. Do you like a nice hot chocolate in the evenings?


  • Pumpkin carving, this was Logan’s first time at pumpkin carving; aw boy did he have fun. At first Logan was not impressed with the scooping the insides out part, once I explained to him some ‘yucky’ things can be a nice kinda yuk he lightened up. Have you carved any pumpkins this week? We plan to do some pumpkin painting tomorrow.
  • Make-up creativity, I could sit here for hours painting some art on my face. I may have not gone out with my cool look but I enjoyed experimenting with glitter and my large eyeshadow collection. I have also loved seeing all the amazing looks on Instagram this week, have you been creative with your makeup?
  • Party time, we had two this weekend! (kids party’s that is…) the first party was at our favourite soft play area in Penzance which I’ve written a post about to publish next week. Logan had so much fun with his friends and cousins, I sprayed his hair black and nobody recognised him when we arrived. The second party was at my mums, how cool are the below decorations?! Look at her black pumpkin she painted it’s so pretty isn’t it; I hope mine looks as fun that I paint tomorrow. I think after Logan’s dancing around to spooky music and filling his belly on cake he will sleep well tonight, I sure will; Robs already snoring away next to me.

I hope you have had a lovely spooky filled week or one to come next week, please stay safe if you venture out for Halloween and even firework night on saturday. ❤