Well this month has flown by, half of this month I have been poorly with glandular fever. nevertheless  we have still squeezed in some cherished moments; Family time, adventures and movie nights. What fun did you get up to in October? Here’s the pictures I have taken to remember our fun.

  • October greeted us with the most beautiful sunrise.
  • I found some pretty butterflies for the finishing touches to my bedroom.
  • We finally got a dinning table, or should I say a den for Logan.
  • Robs family came over for a yummy cooked dinner.
  • We love where we live and love to go for walks down to our local park.
  • Rob and I had a lovely date night.
  • Logan got invited to our friends joint birthday party, the cakes where yummy.
  • trevaskis farm tempted me with their big cake selection.
  • I felt like that pig by the time I had also eaten a roast.
  • Logan went to a pumpkin patch with his cousin.

There is more…. Ten more, I took so many great pictures.

  • I love makeup and had so much fun with some Halloween makeup practice.
  • We went for icecream, we can eat icecream on cold days can’t we…
  • I made fresh burgers all by myself, I can cook… ‘I then burnt them, oops’
  • Ah I have sweet friends, Ebony brought me chocolates the cutie.
  • I love Ebonys daughter, I picked her up from nursery last week. We had some fun kicking the crunchy leaves and stopping at the shop for sweeties.
  • Logan went to nursery dressed up as Olaf, he was not happy that we lost Olafs nose.
  • Snapchat have had to cutest (some scary) filters for Halloween.
  • I did some pumpkin painting with Logan, next year I am going to paint loads more. Logan painted the base colour, free hand painting the faces was hard.
  • Trick or treat, my boy sure got lot’s of treats and we had Loads of tantrums in our house that night ‘Logan you can’t take sweets to bed!’
  • Parents can go trick or treating dressed up as well.

What a fun filled month, November is already starting of great. I treated myself to a new phone, slippers and have the week off to enjoy each day with Logan. I hope you had a great October and an even better November.