I am in my element right this second, it’s not even five ‘when I wrote this up’ and my little monkey is in bed; he wore himself out today. I am snug on my sofa having a pig out on cake while I blog, Rob and I are also finally watching the Vikings series. We have been up to so much this week, Robs aunt treated us to a chinese last night. I went for cute walks with Logan and we also had Logans bestfriend over for tea, while us mums had a gossip. Here’s some other things we got up to.

  • Tis’ the season to pop into Costa and get a hot yummy drink, the gingerbread latte was delightful. Logan had a baby hot chocolate and we got them in cute cups. I think Logan’s coat wore most of his hot chocolate, he wanted more after he guzzled it all.Β  Have you popped into Costa for a drink and seen the Christmas cups?

  • I baked up my two Halloween boxed ingredients, I will post the results next week one of them turned out very messy. I posted about where I got each box for a Β£1.00 here, Have you baked anything fun this week?


  • Just keep swimming, thank you swimming! As you wore Logan out today he has crawled up stairs for an early night and gotten into bed, he does that then shouts ‘story mama’. We went to a local pool today with Logans cousin and they did not want to leave after an hour of swimming, We had to bribe them we sweets. The pool was also heated and there was hardly any people there, luckily! As it only has one big shared changing room for us women ‘cringe’.


  • Remember remember the 5th of November, that smokey smell in the sky followed by more bangs, those bright colours just filling the sky and filling our hearts with bliss. Why do we love to stand around and watch a fireworks display? I liked hugging into Rob and Logan and just enjoy something together as a family. We also had some pretty sparklers, we made shapes with our fire glitter balls. How did you spend your saturday evening?


  • Logan loves Bonnie, we all love Bonnie. How quick has our rabbit grown over the past few months?! She is so tame and likes rubbing her nose on Logans, I hope she doesn’t feel the cold too much this winter; do you have any tips with how to keep her warm? I think filling her hutch with extra hay might help.

I hope you have had a lovely week. I might even get to join in with the bloggers chat on twitter tonight, now Logan is in bed… it’s on at 7pm if you fancy joining.