Have you ever found yourself browsing online disheartened with the items price? Sometimes our budgets just don’t stretch that far, or maybe even that the item isn’t worth the asking price. With Christmas approaching I am trying to budget with what we spend, plus get the best deals that we can. If only there was a site that offered a solution to the above … well guess what there is! I was politely messaged a few weeks ago from the lovely company Grattify.com they asked if I could take a look at their site and review their way of selling. I had a look and knew instantly I loved the concept of ‘Make an offer’ on the items.


To know more about the company, Grattify is the online destination to discover design from the best creative individuals and small businesses around the world. Their design scouts work with a wide range of amazing designers, makers and curators to bring together unique luxury products for exclusive affordable prices to make it easy to browse and buy.

They bring designers together onto one platform. Members can purchase amazing designs directly from creative businesses at a personalised price. The creation of a personalised price through “Make an offer” means that the price offered is not available anywhere else – Just between you and Grattify.com.

product page-page.jpg

The shop has a range of items from home accessories like décor, furniture and lighting,  gifting for men and women, tech accessories and kids toys. Here is the easy process to go through to get your ideal price on something that catches your eye… firstly the item that really caught my eye.

Logan is obsessed with dinosaurs at the minute and ‘Rawr’ is always escaping his lips when he sees anything dinosaurs related. How cute is the below set! This 2in1 puzzle also has a grass picture on the opposite side, they also have a 2in1 car puzzle that I am tempted to make an offer on.


So what’s a girl to do? Test my luck with what they can sell it for? You can’t blame a girl for trying, so of course offering £1 resulted in it saying ‘Oh-No’ I did not have to press enter on each price I offered the bar automatically went up.

They seemed pleased with my £11 offer, once I submitted my offer they where quick at accepting.



We love the yearly sales that stores have on and the opportunity to get the things we need and want. This store is like a sale all year round, plus some stuff I would happily pay the full price asked.

What do you think of the genius concept? Would you like other stores to take note and give us the chance to get things in our budget? I am so excited with the make an offer, I am planning on getting Logan a teepee tent for Christmas, this  tee pee tent is just what I am looking for. £105.00 is way over my budget, I wonder if they will accept an offer; luckily I have the option to make an offer. Let me know on your thoughts on this way of shopping please.

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*I have been given the item for review purposes, all words are my own.