Halloween is over and all the stores where keen to replace the spooky decorations with their Christmas decorations, while putting the Halloween goodies on sale. I mentioned here the bargains I got on some baking goods, I was pretty chuffed with my £1.00 goodies, I didn’t feel the same about all the dishes after I baked them up. I had fun and thought I would share the steps I followed with you, do you like getting your kitchen messy with baking? Here is what I baked up, one didn’t turn out as expected.


  1. The first box set I made was my ghost and bones meringue set, the set came with all the ingredients that it needs (apart from the water). I poured the meringue mixture into my jug then added 60ml of water, I then whisked until the mixture was nice and fluffy.
  • I then scooped all my mixture into my piping bag, I then took it all out and added a touch more water, the mixture was stubborn and would not come out. I followed the designs the best I could free hand, meringue mixture is not easy to work with. For a first attempt I did pretty good if you ask me, what do you think of my piping skills?
  • Tadah! After 1 and a half hours cooking I had some slightly resembling looking ghost and bones. I waited for them to cool down and decorated them, Logan them scooped them all up and dropped them on the floor. I did get to taste one before it had some added floor flavour, they were ‘yummy for my tummy’ a phrase Logan often uses.


What did you think of this box set?

Once I had finished I just had to make my pumpkin cake pop kit, I really should follow the instructions! Have you ever not measured up an ingredient to later regret it? Well I did this time…

  • All I needed was butter, the box set supplied everything else that I needed. 60g of butter was instructed the be added after I poured the cake mix into a bowl, I just added a lump of butter and thought I was a smart ass who just knew what 60g was. I mixed my ingredients up and all seemed well…
  • The left below picture looks about right yeah? I rolled up six balls as instructed and placed in my sticks. 20 minute was all that was required in the fridge, an hour later and my mixer wouldn’t go hard and they kept falling of my sticks.
  • I gave up after waiting a further hour for them to set and just melted my chocolate in the microwave. After I had a sneaky few spoons worth of chocolate I just dipped my balls in the bowl. I then placed them in the fridge for the chocolate to at least set. Once they were ready I added their faces. Note to self add less butter next time, or better yet follow the instructions correctly.

Which box set do you like the look of the most? For a total of £2.00 for these sets I had a good laugh and learnt something new, I wonder what treats are out there for me to cook over Christmas. What are you planning on baking this Christmas?