Have you seen my Adult advent calendar post? I went and purchased two of them, I just couldn’t resist. I was staring at my Yankee and Lindt chocolate advent calendar today and  I thought to myself, what excuse could I use to justify opening them for a peek? A blog post! So I opened them and I peaked, gladly as my house was filled with different yankee candle smells.


eeni meeni miini moh… which one should I open first? Oh the struggles in life, I can never just simply have a straight answer. After mentally fighting over them I ripped open my Yankee candle one, the second I was pealing of the plastic overlay I was hit with a heavenly smell. Do you like scented candles? I personally love them and find myself lighting some most evenings.

Each little rectangle hole hides a small candle, each day you are greeted with a different festive fragrance to the day before. I was so tempted to light one up but I held back, this set was a present and I felt guilty enough for opening it let alone use it ‘not guilty enough to not open it’ You get 23 tea lights that last up to 4-6 hours in either a…

  • Spiced orange
  • Winter glow
  • Cosy by the fire
  • Christmas cookie
  • bundle up
  • Snowflake cookie

You then get a bigger candle called Christmas eve that lasts up to 15 hours, I am so excited to use one each evening. I have bath bombs loose in my bedroom that work as a great air freshener, I love my home being clean and smelling sweet. I am now eyeing up my candles so tempted to light one, where is my self-control!

I then reluctantly packed my candles away and opened up my Lindt advent calendar, my favourite chocolate in a pretty box what more could a girl want? Well for the first to hurry up please.


I will not share my chocolate with anyone, Logan has his own so hopefully doesn’t venture over to my calendar, or in other words climb the furniture to reach it. in each door you are welcomed with either a bunny, square milk chocolate or a white or milk ball. I am pretty happy with my two calendars, I am one lucky girl with such fun to come on the 1st of December. I have the week off work to eat, smell my house up and blast some Christmas tunes. Did you notice the chocolate coins around my calendars? I felt proud of myself for packing my calendars up ‘unharmed’ so treated myself to all the coins, except one… I had to save Rob one right? No I then took it to work with me oops. Do you have your advent calendar yet? What one are you getting?

‘A girls got to do what a girls got to do’