I love Christmas, I have been thinking why do I love the festive season so much? One year I was not in the Christmas spirit, when I was 18 I hid from all things bright and… how does that song go? I found myself pregnant with Logan by the following Christmas, leaving me excited to show my child all the great things Christmas brings. Since becoming a mum I was reminded why I love Christmas, family and the activities the season involves.

With the weather one big ice breeze there is less to do, I do not like to be cold as I am sure many don’t. I also love a hot chocolate in a nice local cafe to warm me up, Logan even had his first hot chocolate recently. We can go for some little walks this year finished with the best medicine to warm up our cold fingers, how do you like to warm up?


Advent calendars are a nice way to count down to the best day of the year, this year I have a Yankee candle one and a chocolate one ‘greedy’. Logan has a Gruffalo one that I have hidden away before he noticed it, I found this cute picture from last year how cute is Logan! I wish I had a picture from an in store view.


My sweet tooth is already ready for some cake and I am stocked up with baggy jumpers, who am I kidding I look at cake and lose weight. I did however gain nearly two stone the year I was hiding from Christmas, I was asked the other day at work ‘did you use to be a fatty? I heard you where when you first started here’ Thanks whoever spread that ha! I was indeed I also showed a picture to Rob of my extra round face, he agrees I was rather round.


Can I put my Christmas tree up yet…? I am kidding, kind off…! I think the first of December is acceptable, but when do you put yours up? I have had a blue theme for two years and want to mix that up this year. Do you have any suggestions on colour theme? I love our decoration and I went on a big decorations shop during Logan’s first Christmas. Many of them I got for him like the cute mittens below and the star as our Christmas topper.

I have never owned a Christmas jumper up untill two years ago, then Robs mum gifted me my first ever Christmas jumper. Logan has way too many each year, my mum finds all of the best ones, which reminds me I must buy myself a new one this year as I can not locate mine. I have been looking for one for Logan, note to self hurry up with my toddler boy jumper/outfits items of the day list.


We shall cook up a storm this year as I have so many great recipes I have found. Last year Rob got me a mason jar full with mixture and I wrote a post with some I found on Etsy here. I really want to make my own mince pies this year, wish me luck with my baking.


I am sure excited for pigs in blankets this year with my Christmas dinner. I could not imagine Christmas dinner anywhere better than my parents house as they make up so much food and the atmosphere is perfect. Where do you like to spend your Christmas? Boxing Day is also always best at my mums as we always throw a party and venture into town to dance of our santa bellies.


Presents are of course a delight and I personally love shopping and giving others their presents more. I always tell people what I have got them before they even opening their gifts, as I get way too excited and just can’t help myself. I have so much on my Christmas list, and since blogging i find so many pretty things. What is on your Christmas list this year? I loved Logan’s face last year when he came down stairs to all the presents. I then had to be in work by eight am, but this year thankfully I have the whole day to soak in the celebrations.

I got 16 lush bath bombs in total last Christmas! The month after Christmas my Instagram was spammed with vibrant colours and my candles that I got myself. I did have very itchy skin though, as I have the most sensitive skin! I can cope with a rash, as as I stated before nothing will stop my from using them! I also got some lovely Mac cosmetic products last year, I need more Mac in my life this year… hint, hint.

What is Christmas without parties? We went to three last year, including the one we threw. Logan had his first nightclub experience, as our local club held an amazing kids party which both my nephew and Logan dances the afternoon away. We had candy floss and spent way too much on a tambola – also we got to see Olaf!


Hmm, I am so excited now even more so after writing up what I love about Christmas. I kinda also wrote it to as a memory keep sake on my blog. I am hoping to start a monthly throwback so I have more I can look back on in my life that gave/gives me joy. I have also written a quick list of things I need to do this Christmas…

  • Ice-skating.
  • See santa. (Logan not me)
  • Plymouth shopping.
  • Truro shopping.
  • Christmas crafts.
  • Baking.
  • Blast Christmas tunes.
  • Buy Christmas pyjamas – done.
  • Give to charity.
  • Watch Christmas films.
  • Attend as many events that we can… parties.

What do you have planned this Christmas?