Logan and I have had so much fun yesterday and filled our day with lots of craft, we made snowflakes. Did you see my Tescos sticker catalogue ? Well in it they had a lovely crafts idea about how to make pretty snowflakes and before we knew it we just had to get our hands messy with lots of glitter. I am already filling my head with memories on things I use to make over Christmas with my mum as a kid, I can’t wait to make more decorations with Logan. Have you made any with your child/ren? Or even by yourself? Here is how you can make some sparkly snowflakes to hang around your home.

  • I did not have a square piece of paper and remembered I made these as a kid and how to make a square piece of paper. You simply get one corner of your paper and fold it across to make a triangle, you then cut the access bit of paper of.

  • I then simply followed the above instructions, you now have your square and as it says fold your piece of paper in half to form a triangle you should already have a triangle. You then fold the right hand corner of your triangle.


  • And then the left hand corner, hopefully you will have something looking just like mine in your hands.

With all of the instructions followed I could now cut into my triangle, you can cut any patterns that you want to and when you open your snowflake up it will be a unique design. So what design did I get? keep scrolling…


I made four! I was getting addicted with making these snowflakes, Logan was so excited to then decorate them. The second one down was the result of my above cutting, we then had to decorate them.


We love glitter and had to sprinkle lots onto our snowflakes after we applied glue to them, plus Logan had to sprinkle our floor and then all over the house.

We plan on making some more especially when looking at the end result, we have found the perfect place to hang them.

What do you think of them? I am so excited to make some Christmas trees next.