I said in my last weeks post on This weeks fun that I would not have much time to blog over the week and I was right. I can finally sit down and put my feet up! I am still two days away from having a day off work I am really excited to have a lazy day on Wednesday and just relax with Logan. Do you work alot and just sometimes need a day off and reboot? Or even just an hour to yourself? I was fortunate that I had lot’s of fun with Logan on Thursday with some crafts and may have treated myself to lots of pretty new things this week. I think the best thing I brought this week is a coffee machine for Rob, I also brought myself some hot chocolate to use in it. And finally picked up some Christmas props and if I find some energy I may just post them next week. What has made me smile this week? Keep reading to find out…

  • Birthday presents and not my birthday ‘boo’ I love shopping can you tell? I also very much love shopping for others and know just what to get people. I found the prettiest wrapping paper ever! Unicorn wrapping paper from Primark which was also only £2.00. I know it’s sad that £2.00 wrapping paper put a smile on my face, what can I say I am a suckers for prettiness. Can you guess what’s wrapped up?


  • I was casually looking through the toddler boy clothes in Sainsburys and saw the below outfit that Logan is wearing. I was gutted that the outfit only went up to 18-24 months and then realised holding it up to myself it might have fitted Logan, it did! I may have to handwash it and air dry, best not shrink the already under sized Christmas pyjamas.


  • I did say the best thing I have brought this week is a coffee machine for Rob, I had to grab it while it was down to £39.99 from £69.99. I have already had two cups of hot chocolate from it and might just have to hide the other sachets.



  • Did you see our crafts post on friday? Logan and I made snowflakes and I even so kindly posted how here. I popped to town after work yesterday and got lots of card to make more crafts, I might still be hoovering up glitter in our house but it was worth it… I asked Rob to read this through and he said ‘I might still be hoovering?’- ‘Don’t you mean Rob and I… I have cleaned today!’ Sorry Rob.


I’ve started watching The Vikings saga recently and I found slightly boring to start with, but then arn’t most programs slow to start with? I am now totally addicted. I finished watching Sex and the city last week and hoped I would find something new to watch. Game Of Thrones needs to hurry up and I also need to watch the new season of The Walking Dead… I need more hours in my days. Do you watch any good series’s?

Oops… I might have eaten my advent calendar this week ah well, I needed chocolate real bad honest!

I hope your week has been as cute as mine and maybe as relaxing as I am hoping mine will be next week! – Does that sentance even make sense? My eyes are so sleepy.