I was not a blogger this time last year and what a shame that I wasn’t, I was gifted a fun Christmas count down box of lush products from my dad. I also ended up with my sisters set as she is even more allergic to them than me… I only get a slight rash and I also got gifted some bath bombs from Rob. I thought I only had six bath bombs left and as I just opened my sisters count down box I’ve noticed it’s full still, my house is smelling oh so sweet right now. I asked Rob if he planned on getting me any this year and he seems to think I have enough, I have alot of baths worth to go through now to use them! Do you like Lush cosmetics?


I have also noticed all over my twitter some amazing Lush cosmetic hauls from my favourite bloggers, I get so tempted to buy some more with all the great pictures out there and good reviews. I myself can say they are worth the money and to be honest I think the prices are reasonable for the products that they have to offer, what do you think of the prices?


The box set that I received last year has six different products in it and even with the lid tight on it I can smell all the glory that the box hides, they work for a great air freshener. I say products as the box also includes bubble bars and a bath melt as well as the bath bombs, I prefer the bath bombs over the bubble bars as I am yet to see a vibrant bubble bar; The bombs however are ever so vibrant when dropped into the water.

Do you have a preference to which one you prefer? I only have one problem with the bath products and that’s I always only use half of one, I find a whole one makes my bath feel to thick and slimy. I also can’t wash my hair with the same water or my hair dries feeling greasy, I am happy to just sit and soak in the tub though and just have a quick hair wash with my shower after.

I wonder if these products have a use by date? I am sure they do but with the products above being a year old ‘except one I brought over the summer’ they have kept there shape well. I am even shocked that they still smell as strong as they did when I received them, I think all together I had over 20 products and must use them all ASAP or they might start to be unusable. These are just my lush products… I also have other sets hidden away that I need so use. I did use my hidden jewellery bath bomb from my friend last year as that was special, have you had a hidden jewellery bath bomb? I don’t know where she brought it from but I sure loved my necklace that I got from it. (The bomb below isn’t the jewellery bath bomb)

I think you would agree bath bombs are pure bliss and that a girl can never to many in her life right? I am aiming to use them ASAP wish me luck… Have you seen this years countdown box set? I just sent the link to my dad ‘hint, hint’ If you haven’t it’s here.