I could have made paper chains with Logan and my Nephew for hours yesterday, aw wait I did and oh boy did we have lots of fun. I think I had more fun than they did, they even ended up having a glitter fight that my naughty mum and sister started. Last year Logan was still so little and not really into crafts other than trying to eat the paint or glitter, he was good at opening presents though when Christmas day arrived.

When my Nephew arrived I needed a cute picture of them both, they would not stay still and refused to sit down! But the second I bribed them to sit for a sweetie they managed to sit. Once I got my wanted picture they where quick to remind me of my sweetie promise, they then refused to do the paper chains at the table so we located our crafts to the floor ‘big mistake’.


We got all that we needed to make our paper chains from Poundland and The Works, I always shop in The Works and both stores sell lots of fun washi tape if you are into washi tape like myself. The stickers that my mum got from The Works where a big hit with the boys, Logan had to fill a whole chain up with elves and then draw all over their faces. After hours of drawing on the cut out strips we had lots of chains ready to join together.

If you make some I would advise using a stapler to join your chains together, or some tape- Keeping in mind to keep a stapler away from littler fingers.


To make our chains bigger we put a crafted piece then a plain piece and so on, Logan was asleep by the time it came to putting his up and once he woke he was so happy to see them up. I could not reach the top of the ceiling and pins just wont go through our hard walls, I taped them into place. We must make some more to go all around Logans room, I am still seeing glitter everywhere but is that such a bad thing? Do you like making paper chains or your litte’un?