In less than a week now I will be happily putting up our Christmas decorations, we must go and pick up our planted Christmas tree from Robs mums. We have had our planted Christmas tree for three years now and it was only like £25.00, I would highly recommend anyone to get one because in the long run if you have the garden room throughout the year you save money, unless you get a fake one… I personally love the smell and feel of a real Christmas tree. On Wednesday we went and watched the city of lights parade in Truro, our first official Christmas activity other than our crafts making at home. Have you had your first Christmas outing yet?


There was hundreds of people ready and excited for the hand-made floats to venture around the streets of Truro, the air was so cold but with all the pretty lights on I really felt like it was Christmas. Christmas is never just one day for me it’s the whole season, the family get togethers, Christmas shopping, meeting santa, seeing all of the pretty lights and so on. What is Christmas to you?

While in Truro we noticed all the town events going on, Logan was so entertained going on a ride and then watching a puppet show and he even loved seeing all the lights himself. We of course had to fill our bellies up and picked the best stall for our main course, a nice hog roast and aw boy was it nice I didn’t eat dinner at home in preparation, what’s your favourite stall food? We also had some churros and Rob had never tried them before! How had he never tried my favourite dessert, safe to say he fell in love with the crispy chocolate dripping treats.

I am going Plymouth shopping next week with my mum and sister so I didn’t aim to shop while in Truro, I had to have a little browse in Primark though which was as per filled with so much I couldn’t resist. We got Logan a few tops, a coat, pyjamas and we still need to get him a Christmas jumper. We also got something for each of our nephews to put away for Christmas, Rob got me life saver UGG boots! I say life saver as they are, I am on my feet all day at work and previous years UGG boots from Primark have been the best shoes to wear. I wouldn’t buy real UGGS to wear at work so a cheaper pair is more practical.


So once we had our fill on food and a shop we where ready to head over to wait for the parade, we waited and waited and finally we could make out lights up the street and hear the music slowly getting louder with each step that they got closer. This was the city of lights 20th anniversary and the theme this year was ‘Tell me a story’ Logan was spot on at shouting each float, one being the BFG! The local schools did an amazing job at creating the characters, here’s what we got to see; can you guess the books?

How amazing are the little lanterns that the kids where holding in-between the floats also I know the dancers where dancing but they must have still been cold!

I cannot say which one is my favourite as they where all amazing, I truly had such a magical night and couldn’t have asked for a better night out with my family. Which float is your favourite?