You know each of those times I have mentioned that I cannot wait to expand my family… I take it all back. I am currently hiding from my naughty two-year old and my nephew as they destroy my house, plus my poor yankee advent calendar just took a trip down the stairs! My nephew told Logan to do it and of course what ever he says Logan has to do, how do I reason with two monsters? My day has started of well, Logan has drawn all over our walls with my make up and himself, my phone case broke and now RIP my advent calendar. I am excited to go to work at three I think it will be a lot easier and I won’t see my things being destroyed, I only have so much shelf room for everything to put out of reach. I am personally laughing though, they are now in deep discussion on how they will change ‘sants’ mind about me saying no presents for naughty boys santa told me to me. I then explained santa does give second chances, wish me luck between now and three – here’s what we have been up to this week…

  • The best part of my week has to be my new laptop! Rob is the best or should I say santa dropped my present of to me early with the black Friday sales. I am still figuring a few thing out and last night sat there for hours trying to sort my Pinterest button out, well to make it appear on my top bar and I’m still yet to figure it out; any tips on how to get it there?


  •  We made paper chains as you may already know if you have seen my post here, we are getting so into filling our house up with hand-made things. I have a few ideas on some things we can make next week and even some baking ideas, have you been making or cooking anything nice?


  • What is behind the lid on the box above my Graze subscription…? You will have to keep an eye out for my post revealing my new goodies that I found online and just had to order. I wish I could receive this new subscription every day it is by far worth every penny.



  • Did you go to the The city of lights in Truro? If so you might agree that it was a magical night and filled with so many pretty lights and foooood! Logan certainly had lots of fun on the ride and watching the puppet show, I had fun in Primark for the second time in a few weeks.


  • Penzance is my home town and I have grown up around here most of my life, I am very fortunate to live around here and what it has to off throughout the year. Yesterday was the night for the Christmas lights to be turned on and prior to it there was little things going on around the town. There was snow! Okay foam but Logan loved it and had to try to eat the foam ‘yuk!’. He also got to hear the elves tell a story as santa ‘mr frost in their words’ was busy.



  • Lastly have you seen my give away? I am just a few followers away from having 100 followers! I love meeting new people and finding new blogs to read. Enter my give away >>>>>>here <<<<<<



The boys are sat all calm for now… I have six days off after tomorrow and look forward to my busy fun week, I am going to Plymouth Saturday and St.ive the Friday night. I hope you have had a great week and one to come.