As per my month has been filled with beautiful photos and memories to cherish, November you have excited me for the build up of Christmas and I am ready for some festivities. I have a sore throat but it will not knock my mood down and to be honest it’s a lot better than when I had glandular fever in October. I filled my day yesterday with putting up some of our decorations and blasting out some Christmas tunes, my neighbours must hate me! What did you get up to in November did you start Christmas early like me with decorations, music, food, days out and just anything festive? Here’s my November pictures…

  • It is now the 1st as you may know and I ate my Chocolate advent calendar one night when I had no chocolate hidden around my house ‘oops’.
  • Logan made paper chains with his cousin leaving my house still covered in glitter, a glitter house is not bad for a Christmas effect.
  •  Logan also made snowflakes which were hung in pride in his playroom.
  • I am now addicted to coffee! We had to grab some bargains in the black Friday sales and our coffee machine now sits waiting for me each morning.
  • Do you like bathbombs? As I sure do! I might even have a nice hot bath, coffee and soak away after we have finished watching the Grinch.
  • Black Friday you beauty or should I say Rob you are the best and thank you for my new laptop, my Christmas present came early.
  • I went to watch The city of lights in Truro with my family and might have done a little shopping in Primark, I had the best night filled with lots of yummy food.
  • Logan got hold of my make-up and covered his face in eyeliner! While trying to get a picture of him I noticed how long my mop is getting, I need a hair cut before I start sitting on my hair.
  • My first lot of decorations are up and looking ever so pretty I now need to get some more… can you have too many decorations in a home?
  • Logan needed this outfit which was age 1 1/2 – 2 years but it was rather big, I must remember to not tumble dry it.

Here’s few more as I could not narrow it down to 10 pictures…

  • Yaaaay! only 25 days to go, how do I explain to a toddler each day you can only open one door on his advent calendar?
  • Our home town is filled with so many decorations and this nativity is so lovely.
  • They had snow before we went to listen to a story in our local town as one of the events going on before the lights being switched on, it was foam but Logan was fascinated.
  • I have not had taffy in a year and really needed some in my life Ebay sorted me out with some yummy bars, three bars for £2.30 was not bad.
  • Logan wanted to help me wrap presents… He then wanted to wrap himself.

I hope you have a great Christmas and lot’s of beautiful memories, I can’t wait to see my Instagram filled with everyones photos.