I just read online that it is only three weeks today until Christmas! I am slightly excited for a relaxing day off work with lot’s of food, aw wait I do that sometimes anyway. I am excited for a nice day with all my loved ones though and to see Logan’s face when father Christmas has dropped his present’s off. How awkward would it be if I did not know that I am supposed to buy the presents for Logan, he would think he had been naughty every year- of course I buy them to send to santa to drop off ‘wink’. So how have you started your Christmas countdown? Here’s what we have been up too as well as lot’s of Christmas movies, hot chocolates, mince pies and putting our decorations up.

How cute are these postcards that I bought.

  • I will start with Thursday when Logan woke me bright and early reminding me that I promised him that he could finally open his advent calendar, I just had to snap a picture of him and send it to everyone. He was not happy that he could only eat one chocolate but made up for it later by trying to tuck into my mums calendar, and then my nephews!


  • Have you seen all the amazing window displays while out and about? I was smiling while watching Logan and my nephew gazing at one in our home town, it wasn’t until I was taking a picture that I noticed all the half-naked Barbie men. I then walked up town and saw some more naughty displays! Penzance you will make old ladies blush, I also had to take a picture of my neighbours display aw boy she/he has put mine to shame.
  • Did you see my Christmas comes to St Ives post? I was so taken away with all the pretty lights and how much the town has to offer over Christmas. I had never been to St Ives over the festive season before, I save my trips there for the warmer days… until now and I will for sure be going back every year.
  • I had misplaced my elf ‘Eric’ yesterday or should I say he went out on the lash and just this morning came home, the dirty stop out. I did manage to capture his naughtiness on the first two days and my gosh he needs to learn to behave! I had only just put the snow on my windows and really Eric my poor Yankee candles…
  • Did I only mention like 100 times last week my planned shopping trip to Plymouth? I was very spoilt ‘from me to me’ I also got all my Christmas shopping done. I will post next week my day out but for now here’s some pictures I took.


I must say a big well done to Sandeepbeep for winning my giveaway, give the girl a visit she is so lovely. (I have drawn over the card I made)


I hope everyone has had a lovely start to the month, I can’t wait to also blog about my favourite Christmas films next week and a throwback to last Christmas.