I started watching Christmas films early this year… Well I watch The Grinch all year round and have now already watched it three times in two weeks. I wrote a top 10 scary Halloween film list here and a not so scary Halloween film list here which has left me thinking, what are my favourite films to watch over Christmas? I love that Logan actually sits down and takes a film in now so in this list is I guess our favourites that we have been watching together, does your child/ren have a favourite Christmas film or even yourself? I think it’s safe to say The Grinch is  mine. Here are my favourite Christmas films to watch…


  • The Grinch: Who doesn’t love The Grinch?! I think what I love most about this film is Cindy Lou Who’s kindness towards the green monster, he is a monster in the other Who’s eyes but not hers. I think she shows the true meaning of Christmas and helps everyone see that presents are not everything. She also has a killer puppy dog eyed look in a parents words she must get away with murder! Well in the movie she got away with the Grinch stealing everyone’s gifts… The police would have been called in our universe and probably resulted in a rampage of people.


  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oh my I need a new boyfriend, someone who fully appreciates Tim Burton’s films, he looked at me yesterday and said ‘Dom all they are doing is singing!’ Yes Rob and the tunes are fantastic as well as all of the characters. I am glad Logan wants to watch it with me, he does it is say scary but yet still wants to watch it over and over again.


  • Elf: Logan is yet to watch this film with me, I don’t know why but when I found it on my shelf the other day I smiled; I guess I have a soft spot for people with unique personalities. I am never keen on the look of Buddy’s sweet filled snack/meal that he dishes up and hope Logan does not think that is something we will make.


  • It’s a wonderful life: I had never watch a black and white film before last year. Rob told me this film was in colour so I was keen to watch it and realised he was lying to me, I am glad he did lie to me. I like that the film shows life goals and life problems as Christmas films tend to be happy and cute but this one was realistic with the harsher things in life. I was glad the film had a good outcome and I guess it showed that no mater how hard life can be there is always things in life worth fighting for.


  • Home Alone: I had to add this classic in the list and Logan is not to watch this film as he would so copy the boys antics. I myself can find a moment to sneak in watching it, I reckon Rob will even watch it with me and hopefully not act like I am torturing him like he did watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I learnt from this film to not leave my child at home and maybe if I had a fancy house to get a house sitter!


  • The Polar Express: I take back that The Grinch is my favourite Christmas film! I begged my mum one year to gift me The polar Exspress for Christmas many years ago after watching it at school. Thinking about this film now I can see it being helpful when a child questions if Santa is real, would you agree?


  • Gremlins: I am laughing while writing this one for the pure fact that Logan is petrified of Furby’s! He would think a Furby was on the screen and run away crying, I will be saving £70 at least in the future with him never requesting one for Christmas. I also like this film because growing up I loved Furby’s and had all the little baby ones.



  • Love actually: What I love most about this film is that it is my mums favourite Christmas film so when watching it I always think fo her. I must admit it has been awhile since I have watch it so I think a movie session with my mum is in order.


  • Santa Clause: I have notice a lot of these films are my favourites from childhood memories and cherished movie sessions with my family. I remember in the evening once being armed with a bowl of popcorn and filling my evening with all three movies-I also share the elves love for hot chocolate.


  • The Muppet Christmas Carol: Or should I say this is the animal’s own version of The Scrooge and even one of Logan’s favourite film as of recently. Logan loves animal’s so there is no surprise that he enjoys this film and he even like’s them all dancing around singing, he doesn’t quite get the story line yet though. I like that a lot of these Christmas films show alot of kindness and ways to improve how you treat others.


I have ten great films on my list so I have set myself a goal to watch each and every one of them before Christmas, I need to stock up on popcorn and hot chcolate. Are any of the films on this list your favourites to watch? Or do you even have any suggestions on some I should watch?