I posted awhile back My favourite subscription boxes and listed so many that I was interested in trying but couldn’t decide between them. I thought maybe if I waited that one on Instagram would really grab my attention and tempt me even more, I was right and now I am very glad that I did wait. If you have not already guessed I receive sweeties and each week I get 4  different selections for only £3.99. Rob liked to steal my weekly Graze box snacks but this box I have been hiding from him and I will not let him find them. My first box was free as they offer that to new customers.

Week 1

I did have a slight issue with this subscription and that is it did not come last week, no money came out of my bank and no order was sent out to me even though I had requested it as a weekly delivery. I sent them an email and without a reply I received a box yesterday and it came at just the right time when I had just got in from work.


Week 2… well week 3


I think in the future the site should give customers an option to say before they send treats out on what sweets they know they already dislike, I dread them sending me liquorice! At least the option is that once you receive your sweets you can then say what ones you do not like and don’t want to receive again. What do you think of this subscription box? My friend has already seen mine and ordered herself one.


I have said farewell to my weekly Graze box as I aim to try my favourite subscriptions over time, do you have any suggestions on one I can try in the New year? I am not ready to part ways with my sweets just yet.