I have had so much fun making my own wrapping paper and it’s all thanks to Tori who showed me her creative skills with plain brown paper. I was warned in advance that using tippex makes your hands go numb… How right she was. I did think quick though and bought some permanent markers as well so my hands had a rest from the tippex squeezing pain, you should so give it a go at making your own wrapping paper. Here’s all that I needed…


-Brown paper.

-Permanent marker pen.

imageI did buy a big roll of brown paper that was recycled paper but sadly left it at work ‘as well as my iPad!’ I got the roll from my local WHSmith. I did luckily buy some parcel paper as well and remembered to picked the bag up that it was in.

I had everything I need layed out and after looking on google for some inspiration I gave using tippex a go, it was not easy with a two-year old running around stealing my pens after I had already set his up for him to use- mummy’s are better apparently.

imageAs you may already know I love arts and crafts and had so much fun with this, I don’t know how Tori did her whole design in tippex, doing just the two squares hurt my hands. I am so keen on doing lot’s more I was so impressed when I wrapped a present up with my hand-made design. What do you think of it? I think you should do what I did and avoid loads of tippex if you give it ago.