If you have been wondering where I have been these last few days I have been busy drinking cocktails, eating AMAZING food and just simply enjoying life. I think when Christmas is over I will be a size bigger and in need of a hibernation session, have you been filling up on amazing food and maybe some yummy cocktails? Besides from some me time out I have also had some fun with Logan and loved soaking in his lovely personality this week. Just yesterday he looked at me and said ‘Mummy you are so pretty, you gorgeous and I love you’ – I am one lucky mamma and here’s my week…

  • Monday came and went and then Tuesday Logan and I went out to soak in our lovely home town and picked up some pasty’s to enjoy. Logan did not want to sit in his buggy to eat he just had to sit on a bench with me then run around, he then insisted that we walked up to his nursery so he could see his ‘girlfriend’- He’s two and has a girlfriend how does he even know that word!?

  • I got creative this week and made my own wrapping paper, did you see the post about it here and have to make some yourself? If you do make some make sure you buy some permanent markers as tippex ached my hands.


  • What is Christmas without pig in blankets? Morrisons have a buy 2 for £4.00 offer on so we had to fill up on some party food- minus the party. We also needed good food while watching Suicide squad as Rob picked it up when it hit the shelves.


  • Rob’s Auntie always has a family meal to celebrate her birthday and to be honest the women deserves the world, Rob worships her kind heart and the way she always wants to help people. We went to a lovely place called ‘Blacks’ and I will be going back for sure just to enjoy all their cocktails. On the menu there was three cocktails so I figured it would be rude to not try them all, one I was not keen on; The food was also amazing.


  • I went to a birthday party on Friday and then had my staff do on the Saturday. So last night I stuffed myself with all you can eat Chinese and Malibu, a few vodkas and then called it a night at half ten to eat a kabab. I actually went home then Rob went out and treated a girl to some greasy food, he knows the way to my heart. I know the way to his heart as Logan woke at five so I let him go back to sleep and I am now waiting for my 7:30am start at work… He would have got up but I was wide awake anyway.


I have been spoilt this week with the little moments, what have you been doing this week? I hope you have had a lovely week.

P.S Christmas is only two weeks away! ‘dances around excited’.


Hey there Logan ❤