I mentioned a few weeks back that I was heading to Plymouth to do some Christmas shopping with my family, I can finally sit down and remember all the fun that we had. The weather may not have been in our favour but that did not stop us from exploring, I was thankful for the big shopping mall though that shelters most of my favourite shops. What is your favourite shop? I personally love Paper Chase, Primark and the Lush Cosmetics stores and had to visit them all.

I found the Blogger’s journal that I was interested in buying but I sadly did not feel like it was the journal for me, so If you know of any for sale please let me know as I really want one. I have a little diary that I use but sadly it’s nearly complete, I love writing on paper before I write a post up.


The mall was like one big winter wonderland and full with people enjoying all of the lights and the Santa’s grotto, Logan was just happy with the big space to run around and things to touch. Logan was quick on spotting the toy shop in the mall and on the plus there was a big sale on everything… so I just had to get a few things for him for Christmas. I was ready for some food after an hour of exploring so had a burger and then carried on shopping in hope to find some churros. Who needs Churros when a Crispy cream stand is in the centre of the mall and take my word for it they are the best donuts around, did you notice the posh man in the top of the below picture?

When we where outside the crowd was just as big as inside the mall, there was also lot’s of stalls around even with the rain. Logan had to go on a ride he loves little trains, I did have to let him down gently when explaining the big ferris wheel was for grownups.

While we where in Plymouth we also met my Gran and Grandad up there as they live there, I hardly get to see them so it was so nice to also catch up with them. I did slide away from everyone though to have a little look in Mac on my own, I treated myself to a pigment finally then an Urban Decay eyeshadow, I got some gold tones which are my favourite colours to use in the day.

I was so ready for bed when we set off to come home! I fell asleep in the car as well as Logan and my mum, I was so glad that she picked a Pandora bead that she liked! Yay I finally got her Birthday present, I also got Rob his Christmas presents even though I told him I got him nothing. I might have a lighter purse still but my day out was perfect and as always Plymouth is the best place to go shopping. Rob loves Exeter so next week we are going up there so he can do his Christmas shopping, I wonder if they have all of my favourite stores…?