I am such a slacker! Well I was over the weekend as I did have loads of posts and pictures saved to write-up but opted for cocktails and great food instead. I have a months worth of post ideas and this one I had fun making and failing… I failed miserably twice but did not give up and finally on my third attempt mastered how to melt chocolate, I was pretty proud of myself with my determination to learn. Here’s what I needed and then had to go out and buy all over again for my next attempts…

  • Rice krispies.
  • White cooking chocolate- 150g
  • Milk cooking chocolate- 200g
  • Golden syrup.
  • Marshmallows – I could not master my mixture with marshmallows which I explain why below.
  • Icing- I brought a packet with the colours I needed ‘red and green’.


I didn’t use syrup or white chocolate on my first attempt.


  • So firstly I had to melt some milk chocolate, easy right… wrong! I kept over cooking it in the sauce pan well, all was fine and when I add the marshmallows the chocolate went all hard and lumpy. The bottom right picture is right before it all went thick and lumpy.
  • My ingredient was fine before I added marshmallows, I then went out and got more chocolate to give the microwave a go. The chocolate heated up lovely and again right when I added marshmallows I was greeted with lumps and wanted to just give up. I threw the marshmellows away with frustration and reheated some more chocolate, finally I could add my rice krispies to an ingredient that worked! I was so happy yet I still needed a stickier ingredient in with it all- to hold it together when dry. I added five big spoons worth of golden syrup and mixed it all together, I was pleased and waited five minutes to then make some round balls.


  • I then melted my white chocolate with the confidence that I had mastered a simple task, I might have had a few spoons full of white chocolate- got to taste test it all right? My ball ‘puddings’ where hard so I poured a little bit of white chocolate on each ball.


  • I then placed my balls in the fridge to help set the chocolate quicker. After 15 minutes the white chocolate had set, all I needed to do was use my icing the red and green one with a little help from Logan.
  • Once all decorated I had to give one a taste, I was very impressed with my little creations I am so glad that I did not give up. What have you been making in the kitchen recently? Have you taken three attempts like us to master a recipe?


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