This gift guide is a little different from the normal link sharing and suggestions on things I find online, I have gathered some of Logan’s Christmas presents up and snapped some pictures for you. I did not have a clue this year on what I should get my two-year old and after just going with the flow and buying things when seeing them, I now have a lovely little collection for him to open. We have a huge mountain of presents in our bedroom now ready to start being wrapper up, after Monday’s trip to Exeter we should have everything done.


These are not all his! Family presents are in this pile


Where are the elf’s when you need them?! I have since taking these pictures wrapped Robs presents up, no peeking for him… Logan keeps trying to peak so next year I will be leaving them in the north pole ‘my mums’. Here’s some ideas on what we got Logan…

imageClothes are an easy present but maybe not the most fun, then saying that Logan loves getting clothes he always smiles and says ‘Thank you so much, I lub it’- He says it that way.


Can you see the Tsum Tsum kit! Ah, we can have some fun together making are own Tsum Tsum’s, when I was a child I had a doll making kit which I loved. Logan loves toast so the little Gruffalo toast making set is perfect for him, we got that in Tesco extra.

imageMy toddler is such a water baby well… he does not like the cold Cornish sea but rather enjoys a bath or a swimming session. Logan often asks to help me with the dishes to just splash my water so the top Finding Dory set should be fun for him. I love the two bigger Tsum Tsums as they light up and make a squeak noise.

imageMy brother got my nephew a hotwheel set that Logan loves to play with so when we saw one on offer we had to get Logan one, of course to be played with attended. Logan’s nursery friend had this dinosaur in nursery, I think that’s the first toy Logan has ever asked for.


We where going to get Logan the parrot last Christmas but figured he was too little to enjoy a parrot that mimicked your voice. He can now do all his crafts on his very on art studio, he was gifted a different one last year but it fell to pieces so we are hoping this one does not share the same fate!

We did get a little Tsum Tsum Christmas edition set as well which didn’t make an appearance, taking present pictures with the person in the house is hard- he suddenly wanted to be in my room when he is usually happy to play in his room. We don’t have the room to get much more as our family spoil him with presents which leaves us to get him little things. I have cleared out some toys in our house but still think I need to be more brutal, would you get any of these gifts? Or do you have any ideas on little things I could get to add to santas bag?