One week to go until I am hopefully eating a delightful Christmas dinner and celebrating my mums birthday, followed by our annual Boxing day party ‘when I finish work’. Last night I spent my evening wrapping all the presents and this week once again has flown by with movies nights, good food and great people in my life, here’s what we have been doing this week…


On Monday I did my usual house work and endless washing ‘the fun life of an adult’ I then waited for Rob to finish work to go and watch Fanatic Beasts And Where To Find Them also with my mum and sister. I did not get into the film but they all fully enjoyed it, I am never good at getting into a film half asleep though, so I might have to give it a second chance. One film I did love watching that Rob brought this week was The Shallows, I love Blake Lively from Gossip Girl a series that I have watched over and over again; Have you ever watched Gossip Girl or even watched Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them yet?



  • I have asked Rob to hide my bank card! I have been online shopping addicted this week but got so many pretty things. I even ordered the Box Of Lame yesterday which I’m so exited to receive, there are only ten left so be quick if you plan to get one. One other order that I am even enjoying right this minute is one of my Scent Circus wax melts … They do really smell dreamy.
  • My boy is growing up so fast and I want him to slow down, soppy mumma post alert! Logan had his nativity this week, he was a shepherd even though all week he insisted that he was going to be a sheep. He makes me so proud with how grown up he is and each day I am still taken back with some of the things he says, he is a teenager in a toddlers body I swear ‘he even has the attitude’. I am enjoying his each morning routine ‘I lub you mummy, pease can I have din dins’ I do correct him ‘Breakfast you mean?’ and receive a cheeky smile. The costume was made by my ever so talented mum.


  • With the rain tapping on our window this week after I finished work Logan and I got in our pyjamas, bought the duvet down the stairs and stuck a Christmas film on, it is for sure those little moments that melts my heart. I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate at work before coming home, we all even get a £15.00 bonus this year. I don’t want to put my Christmas lights away ever as they make our front room so cosy.


I finished work yesterday and heading into town to meet my mum who had Logan, I didn’t know what we where walking into… SANTA!! Even better Santa and his grotto, Logan was so scared of him he gets really shy around new people; he wasn’t shy taking his present. We then walked up the town and found Reindeer, Logan saw reindeer in Truro last year not that he would remember but again adored them in his words ‘donkeys cute’.

Rob and I are going shopping in Exeter tomorrow so keep an eye our for a full post and pictures of the things going on up there, I hope you have had a festive week; Have you seen Santa yet?