Christmas came early for me yesterday with my treat box sitting on my door mat waiting for me when I came home, I love that the post man/women can just pop it through my letter box so there was no missed parcel note for me. Do you love sweets but find yourself unable to choose what type you fancy when buying some? If so here you can pay £3.99 a week to get a selection of 4 or even every two weeks if you can resist the each week temptation unlike me.

image11 (2).pngLast week I had just brought a light box before my sweets had arrived so when they did it was perfect timing for a picture test, I always have a slight issue with my sweets box pictures… I open them and have to eat a few before getting my picture.

Here is a prime example! I did a close up on the right, so you see those little mice? Well on the second picture I only had two left they all slipped into my mouth, damn my sweet tooth. Would you end up like me and end up eating them all while trying to get a good picture?

Here’s what I wrote about the subscription two weeks ago… Treat subscription box