I am not the only person last week that was bursting with excitement at home waiting for the ‘Box of lame’ to come through the door, 40 sold out on the first day! I kept going on twitter eager to see if anyone had receive their box and once I saw they had I was sure mine was not far behind, I was right and ran to my door.


I told myself I will wait until Christmas to open it… I lasted minutes, I have no regrets. On the first day that the box went on sale they had a 10% offer on so I got my box for less than £20, the first 10 people got more off and within the first few minutes of it being on sale I was not quick enough. I am not surprised that so many people had to buy it ASAP as it is worth every penny, the company name is so wrong it should be the ‘So Not Lame Company’


Firstly below is the cute handmade items, You can really see the effort that has gone into this box. As I was quick and ordered on the first day I got an extra in the box, a strip of paper for each day of the year to write a line- I love that idea I will hopefully remember to write a line. I am saving my paper chains for next year, I did place my decorations on my tree high up away from Logan’s little fingers.

I like that the box includes some items from other small time companies ‘is that the right phrase?’. The companies that are included in this box are…

EmilyMakesBoutique – Wax melts.

Liv a little bakery –  ‘Sweet treats’ bag.

OhKayDohKay – Charm


The Lame Company have loads of nice prints in the online shop here, the box included eleven prints! ELEVEN… I felt spoilt holding them all. My favourite one is the ‘bloggers do it better’ we do right? just kidding ‘wink’. The box even had something I really needed…  I have drafted up my goals for next year so now I can write them all down on the two brown sheets to remind me each day, they are now on my wall.

I also think the notepads will work a treat next year, I am forever writing lists and now have a pretty pad to note things down ‘things I need to do’ and the other notebook is a ‘weekly budget planner’.


So there is what got me running to my door excited, I love the personal touches to this box and I’m looking foward to seeing what the future holds for the growing company. Here’s what I have done with all my prints after my partner spent a day sorting out me an office space, he’s so good to me! Did you buy a box? Or wish you did?

Prints on my wall are from Dorkface, Paperchase and That Lame Company.