I could not sleep Christmas eve as I predicted I wouldn’t! I did eventually fall asleep past 2am, Logan was kind though and didn’t wake us until 9am. Logan agreed we could have a cup of tea before opening presents my boy is so good, we had opened ours ‘Rob and I’ Christmas eve so we could focus on Logan as we also had to be out of the house by eleven. We all opened presents with Robs family Christmas eve as well, I did have present at my mums waiting for me once we arrived for Christmas dinner- so many present opening sessions!

Rob was on present building duty first thing and I made a lovely breakfast in-between bagging up the rubbish, Logan was busy dancing around with excitement ‘Mummy look I got shoeeees’- He was grateful for everything. Even right now Logan still has a couple of presents to open, he is so lucky to be fortunate enough to get gifts from great family members. We are all lucky that we have seen everyone that we love… I think Logan is hugged out.

Robs dad came over to join us for breakfast plus to give Logan a lovely little train set and car thing, we then headed to the pub just after twelve ‘eleven was our aim’ to meet Robs auntie and mum. We then picked my sister up and headed to my mums… we walked in to see mountains of presents I then went up stairs to be greeted with even more, I think my mum went a little OTT ‘not that I am complaining’.

My nan came over to spend Christmas at my mums as well so we had a full house, my nephew and Logan where in their toy element – I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide with having so many toys to build. We did have our Christmas dinner first though- Rob said he wants to cook everyone Christmas dinner next year, I just don’t know… my dads cooking is the best.

We where all fat and fed and ready to open our gifts, I think our neighbours could hear the boys excitement Logan loved all three of his big boats. I say boys as in Logan and Mason yet Rob was pretty excited with his gifts, he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. We where going to stay my mums the night but we wanted to crawl into our bed and sleep so bad, we did go back the next day for our anural boxing day party. My sister got me a cocktail set that came in handy to make pretty cocktails with, she made them better than me I put way too much alcohol in my ones.


I think this has been the best Christmas ever! Something I say every year, do you say that every year? I can’t believe how quick This last week has gone, Roll on my week off work in a few weeks I need time to recover. Our house is so messy we even had to pop out today and buy loads of storage boxes for Logan’s toys, we are spending tomorrow sorting it all once I finish work, is you house messy or are you more organised than us? I have taken pictures of all my thoughtful gifts below that people gifted me, I am so lucky with everyone I have around us and how much time we get with our family. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and if you wrote about your day drop your link in the comments I would love to read it.

I love each and every item I was gifted even the ones I didn’t include in the pictures, my friends and family spoilt me and know me so well with what they got me. I won’t take pictures of Logan’s stuff I will be there all day… on that note can someone come clean my house? The kitchens fine I just don’t know where to put the toys and storage units, Robs chucking our huge table tomorrow to make room. What did you get for Christmas? How have you found space for it all?