I think many of us bloggers or even none bloggers think ‘what will the New year bring for me?’ I had a really good 2016 which I deserved after 2015 being not so good. I have not mentioned before but in 2015 I went through postnatal depression really badly, I found myself in such a bad place which even lend to Rob and I breaking up for a month. I also went through prenatal depression when pregnant, my body really did not chemically function well ‘hormones’ even if my life was great I did not feel great. I was lucky to have great friends and family in my life that helped me see 2016 as a year to find myself again, to do the things that make me happy and just simply being there when I needed them the most.


I won’t say I am completely where I need to be but this is why I started blogging I needed something that I loved somewhere to meet new people and something I could make happy, positive and dreamy. I do find my blog a happy place I love that my readers find pretty things to lighten up their days here’s my blog goals for 2017…


  • Prettythings2016blog… What was I thinking!? I need a new name and aw boy it’s hard to choose one, any subjections?
  • Buy my domain, I am in no rush with this one I have spent hours looking at the pros and cons. Rob’s cute and offered to buy it for me when I started blogging, again should I or is there no point as I don’t aim for my blog to make money.
  • Make a header… I need to figure out a name first, aw the struggles! I need a bloggers diary ASAP so I can make a mood board to get ideas. (I wrote this last week and I’m happy to say I now have a diary).
  • Blog everyday, I almost have with a few gaps where I slacked for junk food and movies, aw and glandular fever ‘boo!’
  • Stop being a slacker full stop, I am good at taking pictures but sometimes get a crappy shot but through laziness just upload it anyway. I am interested in learning how to use Robs fancy camera so summer walks here I come.
  • Do you ever tell yourself I will do it later? I do and find myself with hours of spare time with Logan at nursery just staring at my closed laptop, so no more do it later moments… unless there is food and good tv, no! I am going to work on my attitude.
  • Approach some companies to work with, I was contacted by a lovely company two months into blogging to review their site and I had so much fun actually using my brain, did you feel excited when working with a company for the first time?
  • Improve even more with my grammar and spelling as it’s no lie that I did not even no how to write a paragraph six months ago, I might still not be perfect but with determination I will improve.
  • Interact more with other bloggers with commenting, reading blogs and liking things.
  • Lastly just remember why I blog and enjoy this little bubble that is mine.

Are any of these on your list? Or maybe you have your own list that I could read for inspiration on more blog improvement ideas? I also plan on doing more giveaways for my lovely readers and even friends that I have made these last six months so keep an eye out as I have a great one coming up in the new year. I have some social media goals with this year almost doubling my Instagram followers and gaining well over 100 Twitter followers, here’s what I should achieve this year.

Facebook: 100+

Instagram: 250+

Twitter: 150+

WordPress: 200+

‘Fingers crossed’

Here’s some goals away from my social media addiction…

  • Gain some weight then tone it up, I had a peachy body once apon a time… Someone called me a stick insect the other day and I am sick of people telling me I need to eat more as I eat my three meals plus more a day.
  • Go to the doctors and see if I do have an overactive thyroid, it might explain the above and a few health issues I have.
  • Go away with Logan and Rob for the first time as a family which we already have booked of work, time away will be so lovely.
  • Go back to collage, I will finish my Nvq lvl 2 in a few months so do I do lvl 3 or again change my career? I want to be a midwife in my heart but with Plymouth being the closest university to achieve that I can’t, so I’m left with wanting to work on developing my passion for mental health. I feel so loved at work at the minute with all the comments from my collages on how I am ‘quote’ special. I think with the things life has thrown at me I can relate to how everyone’s minds are going to think what they’re going to think, and regardless on what we feel someone can’t make someone think differently or feel differently but just listen, learn and work with the situation.
  • Carry on just watching Logan being the amazing person he is and have more memorise to cherish and share with you.
  • Hopefully be engaged ‘hint, hint Rob’ I look at Rob and know nothing and no one could put a smile on my face the way he does.
  • Read more and start a diary, on that note I will share parts of my teenage diaries next year… really you might laugh I was an odd kid.
  • See my friends more as I have not seen some in months.
  • Change my hair colour, I spent my teens with blue, red or even purple hair so maybe I should live a little and try red again.
  • Do not have a baby, ovaries calm down I like sleep, freedom and just enjoying those private moments that having two kids wouldn’t allow… One is one, two is ten I hear.

On that note Thank you 2016 you have been kind to me with a new home, memorise I will ‘hopefully’ never forget and just being the year that I develop myself. I hope 2016 has treated you well and if not here’s to a good year to come.