I did it! I finally have the perfect journal and now I have it all set up so I can dip into it when I can. Between work, a toddler and just day to day life I needed something flexible, something I did not have to spend a lot of time on each day. Do you like to do your whole month layout in advance but not too complex? I have seen so many amazing ones online, maybe one day I can get as creative- for now I wanted to share my journal so far.



I would like to say if you are on the Facebook page isn’t just full with so much inspiration, creativity and lovely people. I saw the below mood chart and had to use it, I won’t take credit for the idea just my little drawings that I was chuffed with- I used water colours.



I wrote a Goals post the other day which I then wanted to add into my journal, I wanted to keep this page simple but sweet. I had fun using my stickers that I ordered from That Lame Company. I did add a ‘2017’ page on the page after my mood board… I forgot the needed page.

The next two pages I did up my ‘work calendar’ with a small key page between the two. I can now simply just look in my journal to plan my week around work, instead of always forgetting and never knowing what days I am free.


I wanted to do the pages that included every month and then do a section for each month, I don’t think this journal has enough pages for all 12 months. I ‘attempted’ the background writing which I don’t think turned out so bad.

imageI then after researching different ideas needed to do up three pages, house work, daily tracker and a water plus fruit page. I guess with the chores page I can feel bad if I neglect to do what I am suppose to do and maybe remember to clean areas I forgot. I also think the fruit and water tracker is a good one as I want to tick off each one everyday, I have succeeded so far. What pages do you add in your months? I have a blank page in my January section for an additional page, any suggestion will be much appreciated.


How could I forget! I also in my January page have a ‘budget’ page, I got it from my Box of lame from again That Lame Company. The sheet is a weekly tracker but as I get paid monthly I made it into a monthly sheet.


I must now tick my day chores off and do my mood chart, I took these pictures last night so I haven’t been slacking already honest! I must also write down those dreaded bills. Do you write a journal and what do you think of mine?