I was just doing my bullet journal and while writing down all my posts for this month I remembered I needed to post my favourite photos – that I share each month. I did share last week a round up of My year in photos from before I started blogging, did you see that post? I doubt I need to go into much detail about last month, how has Christmas gone so fast! I had a good month to end the year and this year I am ready for some crafts, adventures, cooking and gardening with Logan. I grew so many flowers last year which I hope to double this year, do you like gardening? Here’s my December in photos…

  • I held a giveaway and once my winner was announced I handmade her a card and sent her the prizes, I am holding a giveaway next week so keep an eye out.
  • To Logan’s delight he finally got to open his advent calendar.
  • I went shopping in Plymouth and aw boy did they have the best Christmas lights.
  • Logan and I went for a walk and then had lunch on a bench, I love spending time with my cheeky toddler.
  • Logan loves cooking with me, well… He loves to eat the treats mostly.
  • Rob’s Auntie had such a lovely birthday cake.
  • I loved dressing up for my staff works do.
  • Following on from the birthday cake we had cocktails and great food prior to the cake coming out.
  • I ordered some wax melts from Scent Circus –  Today I received this months set that I had to buy, I will post about the lovely set tomorrow.
  • Logan made me a gingerbread man at nursery, this is just one of the many items he made over Christmas.

If you know me well by now you will no I can never just pick ten pictures to share, here’s some more….

  • I made my own wrapping paper.
  • Logan and I saw reindeer after we visited Santa.
  • Rob took me to Exeter, I can’t decide if Plymouth or Exeter had the best lights.
  • I got a Box of lame which is far from lame! I can’t wait to get the next one when it’s out.
  • Presents ‘I need not say more’.
  • I will never miss a Christmas dinner at my mums house, last year ‘no the year before last’ we had one at Robs mums to then have one at my mums.
  • My mum went very OTT with presents this year.
  • Logan is so well behaved-Logan is a lil monster who liked to climb his presents.

I love that I can always reflect on my monthly posts or even my weekly ‘This weeks fun’ posts, do you share moments in your life on your blog?