Scent Circus does not disappoint! I still have a couple of my wax melts from the Magical Christmas movies themed box from last month, as I was lucky enough to get one when they released some more- They sell out quick. I was quick when this months box went on sale within minutes into my basket one went. I was going to skip getting one due to having a couple left still but the second I saw the theme I was intrigued, they tell you a theme but the contents is a total surprise until it arrives through the door. The theme this month for The Big Top Box is ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ can you see just by the theme why I had to buy it?


With this being my third order from Scent Circus I am not surprise when I am hit with an amazing smell, while opening my little brown box. Last month I was greeted with red tissue paper and this month a lovely light blue colour. I again was also greeted with confetti which I think is a nice touch and good to add in pictures. So what was in my box…?


Six beautifully made melts sat behind my tissue paper and confetti just smelling and looking amazing, I am not excited to use these! How can I burn Alice. I always open each one to smell and try and guess what ingredients are In them, what do you think each one smells like?


Take The Biscuit – Get the (tea) party started with this sweet almond and macaroon biscuit melt.

Absolutely Tea potty – A beautiful scent of lavender and white tea.

Wacky Wonderland – A ‘drink me’ scent of fizzy cola with a slice of lime.

Cheesy Grin – Say cheese … cake! A perfect fragrance for this crazy character.

Entirely Bonkers – A crazy (like the hatter himself) scent of hot chilli, cocoa and jucy orange.

Adventures Of Alice –  A dreamy scent of black raspberry and vanilla.

I love the details in Alice but into my burner she will go, all of the scents are appealing and I can’t fault this set at all. My favourite two scents are Alice and the Cheesy Grin ‘cat’, my favourite ones to look at are Alice and Take the biscuit- What ones do you like the look of the best?


The backdrop above Is my Urban Decay pallet, I really do love Alice In Wonderland… HEY! We are all mad here, well I am for nearly not getting this box. I wonder what next months theme will be, for now if I need more wax melts I can buy the ones in their online store here. If you ever desire a ‘The Big Top Box’ be quick when they go on sale, they are £7.50 (not including delivery).