My back hurts, brain and hands but I don’t mind I love stickers and keep looking for the perfect set that I just can’t find to suit my desires. So go figure they are easy to make, I firstly found a few sites that do free pintable’s on Pinterest. I will state now I have no means in selling these as the sites are strictly ‘personal use only’. I did however print my own drawings  off as well- again with no means to sell as they are Disney and they are strict on copy right. I am just simply excited to share the fun for you to make your very own, all you need is A4 universal label sheets, I used matt but have ordered some gloss ones that are on Ebay for £5.99 for 25 sheets.

I decided I wanted some Disney ones that you can print for free here, she also does planner stickers and I just had to print the Pokémon stickers for my nephew. I love the below unicorn set that is from here.

While this was fun after some serious printer challenges I scanned my drawings and made them into stickers. My house is going to be full with stickers! I wonder what I should draw up next my Bullet journal is going to be so lovely and personalised. Are you going to give making stickers a go?