My year has started off pretty well and with so much fun! I found out some exciting news which I can’t reveal yet, and I spoilt myself with working so much and pay day showering me how hard I have worked. I have been shopping as well this week getting Rob his birthday presents. I have also been very creative- Can someone come and tidy my desk please? Do you like to get creative and try new things?  Here’s why my desk is messy… (I also hit 1000 likes ‘yaaay’ that feeling was good).


  •  I will clean my desk after I finish work tonight, I will most likely be working when this post goes live. I made so many stickers which I explained how I made them here – Stickers are cheap to make on the plus. I have been drawing lots and made some of my Disney characters into stickers.

  • I have also been finishing up my bullet journal, do you have a journal? I like that I can make mine into whatever I want and now I can add my very own stickers into it, I also have a good reason now to use my washi tape.
  • When I went out for a walk with Logan he helped me pick Robs birthday presents he then asked me if he could get a hair cut, he is so chilled while having his hair cut, the ladies love him there. Logan wasn’t happy when hair fell onto his face his cute scrunched up face said it all.


  • Yesterday was a very good day for us all not only did we go to the Eden project but we all got in for free, that saved us nearly £100! Twice a year they have an offer on for anyone that works in a charity organisation or even for vulnerable people, the offer was that you, plus one get in for free just by showing a payslip or ID. I will have a full post up next week full with pictures and details on our fun family day out.
  • I only have one more subscription box left to come through my door that I ordered last month in advance. This week my treat Box and Scent Circus The Big Top Box arrived and put a smile on my face- lovely scents filled my house while opening each box, do you get any subscriptions? I am on a hunt for a box to order for next month.


Have you had a good a start to the New-year? If so what put a smile on your face? If not I hope next week is filled with happy moments. You could win my giveaway if you enter that will for sure make your day.