Robs birthday is creeping up rather fast and he is not the easiest person to shop for, well, for things that really put a smile on his face. I find it’s always the personal thoughtful gifts that cost the least that mean the most to people, am I right? I have a few things to arrive still but the best one came today which I had to open and have a little peek at… and taste ‘oops’.


Behind the purple tissue paper holds some mouth watering American candy, 50 piece to be exact… Rob won’t be seeing 50 items Logan and I may have eaten about five items. The bottom right picture will all be mine to eat as Rob is not a fan of Taffy, I personal order Taffy on Ebay on its own as it’s my favourite- I still can’t find anywhere local that sell it. The left picture is all sherbet which Rob favourites over most things.

I say Rob favourites sherbet over most things but not Nerds as he can eat boxes and boxes of the little balls. I am keen on the Airheads on the left picture… aw dear I feel like we might be fighting over this box, can I keep it for myself he will never know? He can have the sour cubes I don’t find them sour unlike the brain sweets that I did a taste test with today.

I really wanted to open the bottom ones up to test but they don’t close back up! Rob was due home so I reluctantly packed the box away and hid it with his other things, minus the five eaten items.

imageWhat do you think of this box of American candy? Would you be happy to receive this for a birthday present? it was only £12.99- Ebay is the best!