With living in Cornwall I am very lucky with all that this little side of England has to offer, then I would hardly call Cornwall little. I find that in the summer I do more outdoors exploring than in winter, who could blame me the cold is no fun, do you agree? I did however venture out into the cold over the weekend to enjoy the Eden project with my family- Have you been there before?


As my family and I all had the opportunity to get into the place for free we happily put our coats on and headed that way. I say we put our coats on but if you have been inside the what looks like ‘golf balls’ you won’t be surprised to hear that we had to take our coats off. Twice a year the Eden project have two weekends available for free entry for anyone that works in care, or even for a charity organisation or for vulnerable people. I myself work with vulnerable adults and my mum works in a charity shop, you also get a plus one on the two weekends a year.


Right away on arrival after walking down from the car park we saw some lovely horses made out of drift wood, the sad story behind them is drift wood can’t be repaired leaving the figures slowly breaking over time. Once we showed our proof of employment we walked through some double doors, I felt like I was in a place from Jurassic park and half expected ‘in my imagination’ dinosaurs to be roaming around. The scene was breath taking and I fully understand why the place is so popular.

We decided to walk around outside first, Logan enjoyed himself seeing the different artwork and flowers. I can imagine that the outside is much more beautiful during the summer I will have to go back this to see, have you been there over the summer? If so what is it like?

I remember when I was in school going to the Eden project for the ice-skating, I can’t imagine we would have not gone into the domes, my memory is rubbish! We didn’t go ice-skating over the weekend as I fell over a few years back really hurting my elbow, I can’t be dealing with any broken bones with my clumsiness at the minute.

Logan was such a little explorer! He was disheartened that the poor birds kept running away from him, no wonder with the above right picture… why is he poking the statues eye?! Logan tried so hard to walk around the whole place but his little legs let him down, luckily I did bring the pram and the place was easy enough to go around it. I liked how in the big rainforest dome there was drinking fountains and even a cool room for people if needed- I didn’t spot any in the smaller Safari dome but I could be wrong.

The place was very educational which is expected with being a charity base that donates money into rebuilding the wildlife in different areas around the world. I didn’t know that every ten seconds a primary area of the forest the size of the bottom right picture burns down, did you? I was also interested in learning about the flowers/plants/trees on the signs around the domes.

How cute are the above pineapples! And wow the bottom lemon is big, the one next to it is a regular sized lemon.


All of the pictures minus the obvious Lemon one and outside ones are all pictures from the rainforest dome, the below pictures are now from the safari dome.

The safari dome was a lot smaller than the rainforest one and so much cooler, I was melting in the reinforest! Just as we walked into the second dome we caught the ending of a little show a man was narrating, all of the kids were sat infront of him fully entertained with his funny impressions.

I had to really explain to Logan why he wouldn’t want to eat into a pepper, he luckily listened and moved onto the baskets where you could look at different types of peppers. I started to touch them but stopped once I realised the ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ signs.


We didn’t stay in the safari dome very long I think after walking around for hours we were all ready to head home. I am looking forward to heading back to the Eden project but next time with Rob, I might try the stairs that overlook the whole dome next time, or watch Rob attempt them. If you have not been here before would you find this a nice family day out like we did?